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H.W.R = Highest Winning Rink 

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                                             2019 Match Report 

14th September vs South Oxford

On Saturday 14th September the club played their last outdoor competitive match of the season at South Oxford.It was a glorious sunny day and the green played very well. High Wycombe struggled with the adjustment to the green and unfortunately lost 70 shots to 107. The welcome was excellent and the food plentiful and we look forward to the return next season.

The highest and only winning rink was George King, Dave Newton and Chris Simmonds. Well done to that team who bowled to a very high standard.

Match report was submitted by Ray Birch 


4th September vs Court Park 

This club has just been provided with a brick built clubhouse and this is a complete change from the small wooden cabin which they used to have. The substantial cost has been bourne by the London Borough of Hillingdon. Guided tours were given to those who wished to inspect the new structure.    On an afternoon which con only be described as bright and breezy, a match of five triples was played. Court Park's green was far heavier than ours, so it took a little time to adjust our weight. Even then we lost on four out of the five rinks and by 46 shots ( 98-52. However our hosts gave us a warm reception which included hot sausage rolls with tea at half time. Our only winning rink was Rita Wetherell, Dave Newton and Ray Birch.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell  


3rd September Pairs League

The Final game of this years Pairs League was played today in a friendly but competitive spirit. Mitch Brown's handicap system proved to be a winner again this year as many games finished with very close results.

Our usual after league "fish and chip supper " was enjoyed by all and then followed a speech by Mitch, thanking, Guests,Team Captains and Chris Baker who has helped Mitch all season to run this successful tournament .      

The Evening closed at 8pm, when our President Fay Webb thanked Mitch on behalf of the Club.




29th August vs Glory Mill

In what could be our final match with Glory Mill before this club disbands, the Captains agreed an honourable draw. We lost on two rinks and won on one bur scored 5 more shots 51-46. This was due to a good performance by our winning rink of Rita Wetherell, Paul Norman and Joyce Fowler. The players enjoyed a warm and dry early Autumn afternoon and the green was reliable and fast. A low key and enervating occasion.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


 28th August Thame Ladies

High Wycombe ladies enjoyed a game on Wednesday against Thame Ladies. This was the first ladies fixture against this club.It was an enjoyable afternoon as the weather wasn't quite so hot and we had a close game, only losing by a narrow margin, 49 shots to Thame and 45 shots to High Wycombe. We had a highest winning rink, 18-12 won by Karen Newton, Joyce Fowler and skip Dorothy Benn. Unfortunately  our Ladies Captain Jean was unwell, so was unable to take the game, but Fay and Fran stepped into the gap and the game went ahead.

Match report submitted by Merle Birch. 


27th August Pairs league

So Here we are with only one round of matches left.

Tuesday evening saw Wanderers ( Clive Fowler ) and Hijackers ( Chris Baker ) have relatively comfortable wins, but the leaders High Hopes ( Chris Simmonds ) were ambushed by Chairboys ( Ken Tucker ) and lost their top spot.

High hopes can still win the league but with both Wanderers and Hijackers having their final matches against the bottom two teams, it does look as though one of them are more likely to take the highly coveted top spot.

We are at 5.30pm again next Tuesday, the fish and chips are planned to be picker up at 7.30pm. See you then, Mitch. 


22nd August Royal Household ( Ladies )

Our ladies played host to Royal Household on Thursday 22nd. It was a good game with Wycombe winning on two rinks but unfortunately losing the match 50-60. The two winning rinks both won by 2 shots and both won the same number of ends but Gail, Chris Simmonds and Merle won the bar vouchers by getting the highest score in one end when they picked up a severn. The ladies entertain Thame next Wednesday in a new fixture.

Match report submitted by Jean Williams. 


21st August  Pairs League

A surprise defeat by Geronimo has cost Wanderers the top spot which has now been taken by High Hopes. Unfortunately Wanderers v High Hopes was one of the matches lost to the weather on 30th July.

Those 2 teams together with Hijackers have now opened up a bit of a gap from the other 5 teams who are in a heap.

Next weeks games are back on TUESDAY but now at the earlier time of 5.30pm. 


20th August vs Bucks Masonics

Ken Tucker, as President of the Masonic Bowls team, drafts a match report for his members. I have modified that report for HWBC match report so I suppose Ken should have some credit for it.

" What was good to hear from the HWBC members who had not played previously against BMBA what a fun afternoon it was and played in the true spirit of the game, to enjoy it.

The result did not go the Masonic"s way although at one stage they were winning on three rinks but in the end only had one winning rink. This was being skipped by Brian Bristow aided by Peter Davis and a Wycombe player Bob Jackman( the latter had an excellent gameI am told). The end result was Bucks Masonics lost by 46 shots ( 125-79 ) but some good games were played and they fell down on the last few ends on most rinks.

Our highest winning rink was Karen Newton, Geoff Carvey and Malcolm Heather.

WE enjoyed an excellent meal of chicken, new potatoes, mixed veg and a delicious cauliflower cheese. On the captains table we managed to finish off the whole of this dish.

Thank you to all of you who played yesterday, it was an enjoyable day. 


18th August vs Amersham ( T.C.L. )

On a showery day, we picked the time between the rain and enjoyed a pleasant afternoons bowling. Up until tea the match was roughly tied but, as is often stated " it all changes after tea" and we drew ahead steadily on four of the five rinks. We won by 36 shots  ( 119-83 ) thus gaining 10 points to Amersham's 2 , Our highest winning rink was John Philp, Dave Newton, Chris Simmonds and Ray Birch.

Following the match, everyone partook of further tea and some stronger liquids plus plentiful cakes, to round off a friendly occasion.

A footnote from our Club Captain Ray Birch, this result would seem to ensure second place for the club in the league, although if Harefield were to crumble ( not really expected !! ) it could be quite close

Match reports were submitted by Allen Wetherell and Ray Birch 


17th August vs Chess Vale ( T.C.L. )

On Saturday 17th August we played against Chess Vale in the T.C.L> Having lost to them 12-0 on points away we were delighted to return the favour with a 12-0 on points home victory. The result would seem to be convincing, but with one end to go, two of the rinks were level so it could easily have been turned around. The highest winning rink was Cynthia bell, Joyce Fowler, Keith Russell and Barry Sharp.

Match report was submitted by Ray Birch. 


15th August Club Pairs League 

Thanks to everyone for help in moving last weeks matches to the Thursday and tp Chris Baker for organising stuff in my absence.

Due to the loss of week 2, we are now halfway through the league season. Wanders have retained their unbeaten record and its now Geronimo"s turn to try and halt their progress. 

This season is a bit of an obstacle race , and don't forget that the next matches are on Wednesday 21st, ( but still at 6pm )



11th August vs Ladygate 

For the second year in succession, Breakspear Road South was closed. However, following our problems in dealing with this last year, everyone reached the club in good time due either to a good memory or a helpful satnav.

This match of six triples was played on a heavy green to which our team found difficult to adjust. Additionally, the green had recently been damaged by foxes and squirrels which left a number of scars. The result was a loss by 24 shots ( 107-83 ), losing on 5 of the 6 rinks. Our only winning rink was Rita Wetherell, Fay Webb and Alan Smith.

As usual, we were subsequently served a tasty and filling meal in this most impressive clubhouse.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


10th August vs Maidenhead Town

On Saturday High Wycombe played Maidenhead Town. The two teams met 2 weeks ago and the result was a resounding win to Maidenhead. The tables were successfully turned on the return match and High Wycombe won by fifty one shots and by three rinks to two. It was a superb day in all but the weather, and the conviviality and companionship was excellent. Our highest winning rink was Geoff Carvey, Roy Walters, Dorothy Benn and Ray Birch.

Match report was submitted by Ray Birch. 


 8th Aug vs Gerrards Cross B.C.

Lets be positive- the afternoon offered us a pleasant summers day, the company was friendly and the green bowled very well; however we were outbowled by a strong team, losing on all rinks. The final score was 43 shots to our opponents 92; that is a loss by 49 shots.

Further positives - thank you to Jean Williams and Rita Wetherell for organising the tea and coffee at half time, and for Dan, Joyce and Clive for staffing the bar.There are times when we have to accept that bowls is just a game and move on.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



6th  Aug  Pairs League

The details of Tuesday's nights matches and the updated league table can be found on web page 19 " League Tables". Only one team, Wanderers, have managed to win their first two matches so hopefully that is a sign that the league is competitive again this season. 

Please note that is planned to have fish and chips after the last matches on Tuesday 3rd September- £6.00 per head. A signing up notice for this food will appear shortly. 


4th Aug vs Chalfont St Gilles ( T.C.L. )

We renewed our acquaintance with Chalfont for the fourth time this season in various competitions and, on this occasion, emerged victorious. We won on four rinks and lost on just one with an overall victory bt 25 shots ( 77-102 ), thus gaining  10 league points to Chalfont"s 2. Our highest winning rink was Cynthia Bell, Ray Fountain, Dan Ayres and Alan Smith. While we celebrate this good win, it looks as if Harefield Hospital will win the A section of the League.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


 3rd Aug vs Windsor and Eton

On Saturday 3rd August High Wycombe Bowls Club played Windsor and Eaton away. The scenery for the game was wonderful!! Unfortunately High Wycombe lost 117-87, with one rink winning, this rink was was skipped by Jean Williams who was partnered by Keith Russell, Maria Perdoni and Gail Hathaway.

Match report submitted by Ray Birch 


1st Aug vs Chesham ( C. & T. )

The strategy behind fielding a strong team was to avenge the recent loss on the away match in this competition and, in doing so, deprive Chesham of winning the Chiltern South section of the League. This was achieved with a 13 shot win ( 51-38 ); we won on two rinks and lost on one, so we win 8 points to Chesham"s 2. A much warmer than expected afternoon resulted in the green drying throughout the match, so bowling style had to be modified as matches progressed. Our highest winning rink was Fran Smith, Mitch Brown and Alan Smith.

Match report submitted by Alan Wetherell 


28th July vs Amersham  ( T.C.L. )

The fact that we won this match by 23 shots ( 79-102 ) hides the fact that two of the rinks ended within two shots and one rink was tied. We won on three rinks, tied on one and lost on one, so 7 points to us and 3 to Amersham. Our highest winning rink was Nigel Reynard, Karen Newton, Alan Smith and Barry Sharp.

The match was followed by tea and cakes and the prospect of a return match in 20 days time.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


27th July vs Maidenhead Town B.C.

This match was originally scheduled for 5 triples; however, our opponents informed us that they had sufficient players for 6 rinks and we were asked whether we could match this. Fortunately we could. In contrast to recent very hot weather, this match was played in much cooler conditions and followed a morning of showers and dark clouds which threatened all afternoon. We finished as the rain started to fall steadily having lost by 35 shots  ( 121-86 ) .We won on two rinks and lost on four; our highest winning rink was Nigel Reynard, Gail Hathaway, Dave Newton and Christine Simmonds.

We look forward to the return fixture on 10th August and will be looking to reverse the result.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


23rd July vs Flackwell Heath B. C.

On an afternoon when the temperatures reached 34 degrees, the only concession to the wilting heat was to allow  one shot on the first two ends and an 18 end match of 5 triples. The team acquitted itself well; winning on two rinks and losing on three by 16 shots ( 79-63 ). The half time break for tea and the light snack and drink at the end were very welcome. Our highest winning rink was Phil Hathaway, Paul Norman and Dorothy Benn.

This was a good all round performance from a team of largely newer players.

Match report was submitted by Alan Wetherell 


20th July     Tibby Cup

Despite heavy rain the day before and overnight the Tibby Cup went ahead on Saturday. This was thanks to the efforts of the green-keeping team who worked hard to make the green playable with Barry Sharp tracking down some more protective mats and collecting them from Flackwell Heath.

Unfortunately Royston had a fall at the start but the competition got underway with 16 pairs playing in an Australian Pairs format. This provided an opportunity to play in different positions with 3 games of 7 ends..

3 pairs won all 3 games so according to the rules the result was decided by ends won. The winners were Geoff Carvey and Dave Newton closely followed by Barry Sharp and Paul Norman with Ray Birch and Rita Wetherell in 3 rd place. This was followed by a social gathering of members enjoying a wonderful selection of cakes.

AS soon as the competition finished the green keepers were hard at work again preparing the green for Bucks Cup Finials being played the next morning.

This cup completion report was submitted by Jean Reeman 


16th July  Pairs League

Every team got off the mark with each match having a winning margin in the range 6-11 which leads to the points being spilt 5-1. A copy of the results and table will be on the notice board each time, and will also find its way on to the website on the page called "League Tables ", where you can see the current and the last three years results for reference.

To remind you that we skip a week now, with the next matches being on 30th July- this is an unusual competition with a mid-season break after only 1 week.

Pairs league is controlled and updated by Mitch Brown 


14th July vs Bucks V.P.s

Some of the team having played at Glory Mill three days ago and Chess Vale yesterday, some readjustments of technique was necessary. Unfortunately,this was not managed well and we lost by 46 shots ( 80-126 ). We went down on five rinks and only won on one. Not an afternoon to remember. Our only winning rink consisted of Phil Hathaway, Dorothy Benn and Keith Russell.

An excellent meal was provided by Maria and Peter Perdoni, assisted by Paul Derham and Royston Mobbs.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


13th July vs Chess Vale ( T.C.L. )

On an ideal afternoon for bowling, we were unable to master the artificial surface. Unfortunately ,we lost on all rinks by 32 shots (114-82) and this means that Chess Vale take all 12 points. As there was no highest winning rink, the drinks vouchers were not issued.

The tasty shepherds pie meal helped to compensate for the frustrating afternoon on the green.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


11th June vs Glory Mill  ( C. & T. )

We enjoyed a fine summer evening, good company and a welcome supper. Unfortunately we were unable to appreciate Glory Mill"s bumpy, sandy and threadbare bowling area ( the use of the word "green" is not appropriate. The final result was a loss by 17 shots ( 63-46 ). We won on one and lost on two rinks, so 8 points to Glory Mill and 2 to HWBC.

The latest situation is that this will probably the  last time we play at their club, which may be for the best. 

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


8th July vs Marlow ( C. & T.  )

We gained revenge for last weeks home defeat, by winning a very close game 53-57, we won on 1 rink, lost on 1 and drew on 1, points gained for us 7 and 3 for Marlow. It was a very close game, as was the week before.

Match report was submitted by Dan Ayres 


6th July vs Flackwell Heath ( T.C.L. )

The format of this competition is five rinks but our opponents were unable to field 20 players so they conceded one rink. This gave us 2 points but there is no provision for giving us a number of shots. The match resulted in us winning on two rinks and losing on two with us winning the match by 13 shots  ( 80-67 ). So 8 points to us and 4 to Flackwell Heath. Our highest winning rink was Cynthia Bell, P{ever Perdoni, Ian Smith and John Newport.

The weather was rather cool than of late so players enjoyed a comfortable afternoon. This was followed by a satisfying meal of Quiche, salad and potatoes, as usual parking was difficult.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


4th July vs Chalfont st Giles

This was a 3 triples game, we were close all the way through, but Chalfon revealed on all 3 triples, so we lost 46-57.special mention to Gail Hathaway, as a new bowler in a competitive match, she played extremely well

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres 


30th June vs Harefield Hospital ( T.C.L. )

On a much cooler afternoon than the previous day, a 5 rink match should have been played. Unfortunately, one of our players did not arrive on time and one of the rinks had to be 3 versus 4. As a result we had to loose 25% of our score on that rink.

The final result was for Harefield to win on four rinks and we won on one, losing by 8 shots ( 99-91 ). Consequently, Harefield picked up 10 points to our 2. Our only winning rink was Merle Birch, Allen Wetherell, Clive Fowler and Barry Sharp.

Gala pie was on the menu for tea and the meal ( which was donated by two of Harefield's members ) was appreciated by all concerned

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


29th June vs Thame

Originally this match was scheduled as 6 triples but Thame struggled to find 18 players and we had to fall back to 4 rinks. This was by far the hottest day of the year and it followed several days with temperatures 8-10 degrees cooler. Consequently everyone was uncomfortably hot and it was decided to reduce the match to 18 ends. Additionally, players could elect to stop at half time and the teams shuffled to accommodate this.

One rink had to stop at 16 ends ( and its score counted as at that time) but the remainder finished their matches. Overall we lost by 6 shots ( 56-62 ) withh three of the four rinks ending within one shot. We won on two rinks and lost on two. As previously mentioned, our two winning rinks won bygone shot, so ends were then compared and both won 10 ends, then shots scored were then compared. As a result our highest winning rink was adjudged to be Joyce Fowler, Rob Rowley, Alan Smith and Ray Birch.

A cold collation (thankfully) and pie and cream ended the afternoon. The words mad dogs and englishmen come very much to mind.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


27th June vs Glory Mill C.& T. league

After 10 ends of this 18 end match on a balmy evening all our three triples were neck and neck with our opposition. It was pleasing to note that we then pulled ahead and won on all three rinks, overall by 23 shots ( 70-47 ). As a result, we won 10 points  with Glory Mills 0. A satisfying evenings sport.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


 23rd June vs Chesham

This match should have been the second leg of the Chesham Cup contest-the first leg being played at Chesham on 25th May. However, Chesham were uncertain whether they could bring a team as they only had 13 names a week before this match. It was agreed that the match would start at 2.30pm to allow some of their players time to finish a morning competition and, eventually, they brought18 players. This enabled a 6 triples match to be played. As the format was different to the first leg, the Cup was not played for.

We won this match by 5 shots  (104-9)  winning on four rinks and losing on two. Our highest winning rink was Paul Derham, Freda Pryce and Jean Williams. However, as we already20 shots in front we will retain the Cup for a further year.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


22nd June vs Wexham

On Saturday 22nd June we played at Wexham in the T.C.L.. We came out winners by three rinks to two and by 88 shots to 77. The highest winning rink was skipped by Richard Free, with Nancy Sharp, Dan Ayres and Ian Smith. That means, in points for the match that High Wycombe  win 8-4.

Match report submitted by Ray Birch. 



 17th June vs Chalfont st Giles C. & T.

It became clear in conversation that Chalfont sees this league as a top priority and selects a strong team ( there is no list for members to put their names down). We fielded a relatively strong side and at half time we were ahead on two rinks and losing narrowly on the other. However, at full time, we had lost on all three rinks, by 14 shots ( 55-41 ). This gave Chalfont all ten points.

A friendly drink was enjoyed with our opponents in the clubhouse afterwards.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



  Bucks Cup 2019

After four interesting and difficult challenges against Chesham, Chalfont, Chess Vale and Marlow,High Wycombe completed their Bucks cup competition in third place, after gaining thirty points over the three games played.

A big THANK YOU to all those who gave their time and effort to achieve this result. Ray Birch  club captain . 


16th June vs Desborough ( Dessau Cup )

On Sunday 16th June High Wycombe played Desborough for the Dessau Cup. The games were competitive and enthusiastically fought over, High Wycombe came out winners by 112-93 shots. We won on four rinks and lost on two.

Match report submitted by Ray Birch. 


15th June vs Thame B.C.

Before the match started the Thame captain commented how unusual and pleasing it was to have a six rink match, which illustrated the strength of the two clubs. The rain kept away and a pleasant afternoons bowling and appreciated by everyone. However, we lost by 42 shots (103-88 ), winning on only two rinks and losing on four. Our highest winning rink was Karen Newton, Colin Wakefield, Clive Fowler and Alan Smith.

Following the match, Thame B.C.'s minimal regime provided a cold buffet and raffle prizes of £5 notes. It is always pleasant at this time of year to make the journey home in full daylight.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



13th June vs  Gerrards Cross

Owing to the poor  weather conditions, it was decided to call off todays match .

Allen Wetherell 


11th June vs Bassetsbury B.C. 

On a very overcast dull and windy evening we travelled to Bassetsbury for a 5 triple friendly match, Dorothy Benn lead the team and although we lost on three rinks we won on two, final score 95 shots to Bassetsbury  68 shots to H.W. Our highest winning rink was  Maria Perdoni, Dave Newton and Richard Free. A get together for nibbles  and a drink after the match was enjoyed by all. 

Match report supplied by Ray Fountain 


8th June vs Chalfont st Giles T.C.L.

It had rained heavily throughout Friday and overnight and at one stage on the morning before this match it was doubtful whether the green would be playable , A sunny morning with a blustery wind had dried the green sufficiently for the match to proceed on time. At the end of the afternoon we had won the match by 4 rinks to 1 and by 33 shots ( 98-65 ) and gained 10 points to Chalfonts 2. Our highest winning rink was Clive Fowler, Dave Newton, Nancy Sharp and Ray Birch ( yet again ),

Well done to Elaine and Paul Norman and team, debutants with the catering. Tasty pizza, plus trimmings, with ice cream desert went down well. 

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


5th June vs Marlow

Despite a missing team member and two others who were unfit, we completed a full 18 ends of triples with a full complement of players. We won on 3 rinks and lost on 2 but won the match overall by 13 shots ( 87-74). Our highest winning think was Gail Hatherway, Ray Fountain and Clive Fowler

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell  


4th June Wycombe Wanders Old Boys Association

On Tuesday 4th June High Wycombe hosted the Wanders old Boys Association for the tenth year, arranging an afternoon of pairs competition for their cup, appropriately named the Barry Simmonds Cup ( in recognition of the work Barry did with them for several years )  thirty two bowlers took part and there were eleven guest for the three course meal after, prepared by Chris Simmonds , Merle Birch and Michelle Ayres.

THANK YOU to all those others who gave of their time, in so many ways, to make the day a success despite the weather trying hard to spoil it !. The club always benefits hugely from the fees charged, and the enormous raffle profits ( £198 this year ) and for this we are extremely grateful.

Ray Birch club captain 



1st June vs Suttons 

The warmest day of the year so far enabled the team to enjoy a sunny afternoons match on Suttons very good green. We triumphed by 14 shots ( 90-104) winning on 3 rinks, losing on 2. Our highest winning rink was Nigel Reynard, Dave Newton, Merle Birch and Ray Birch.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


 30th May vs Glory Mill 

Fo those members of the team who have not played at Glory Mill before, this afternoons match was something of a revelation. The undulating surface, which was rattled green, brown and yellow, made bowling difficult and woods required a heavier than expected delivery. Overall we were defeated by 12 shots ( 50-38) and lost on two rinks and won on one, our winning triple was Hazel Carey, Paul Derham and Allen Wetherell. 

A friendly afternoon in the sun.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


29th May Bucks Cup Competition 

This is the third "leg" of the competition and for the first time this year we successfully won on all rinks, giving Wycombe a score of fourteen points, making our total after three matches twenty points.

Each rink played well, but a special mention for John Philp who played his first game in the cup and was lead for rink on the highest wining rink 24 shots - 14shots.

Teams were ;- Geoff Carvey, Bob Robinson, Ray Birch.

                                ;- John Philp, John Newport, Richard Free

                                 ;- Clive Fowler, Chris Stonell, Keith Russell

                                 ;- Ian Smith, Alan Smith, Barry Sharp

Match report submitted by Ray Birch. 


16th May vs Marlow

On a sunny but sometimes chilly afternoon we played 4 triples. We finished the match with 2 winning rinks and 1 draw. The score was High Wycombe 66shots Marlow 64 shots. Our highest winning rink was Clive Fowler, Phillip Hatherway and Gale Hatherway. Most rinks had a better first half with the exception of Chris Baker and her team, who came back after tea to win by 5 shots. Thankfully Elaine Norman stepped in at short notice to play her first match for the club.

Match report submitted by Joyce Fowler 

 11th May vs Wexham B.C. ( T.C.L. )

A successful afternoon on which we won on 4 rinks and lost on 1 and overall by 38 shots, (117-79). So HWBC 10 points Wexham 2 points. Our highest winning rink was Clive Fowler, Paul Denham, Nancy Sharp and Ray Birch. A much warmer afternoon than recently, which made bowling so much easier.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



7th May vs Court Park

At the moment Court Parks clubhouse is being completely rebuilt and as a result ,they are playing all their matches away. They came on a bright and fairly warm afternoon with a strong team which mainly outplayed us, winning on 4 out 5 rinks. We lost by 24 shots 62-86. However, one positive aspect of the match was the win on rink 5 which comprised of Phil Hathaway, Jim Palmer and Jean Reeman.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



5th May vs South Oxford B.C.

On a afternoon which featured a police presence in Chestnut Avenue, some of which were armed, we played in cold conditions.  We won on three rinks and lost on three but, unfortunately, the losses far outweighed the wins. As a result South Oxford won the match by 30 shots (83-113). We had two highest winning rinks, both of which won by the same winning margin and won the same number of ends. The victor was the rink which had the most shots and was John Newport, Joyce Fowler and Stuat Hall ( much to the annoyance of Clive Fowler who led the other winning rink).

Again , another warm meal ended the proceedings as everyone enjoyed the heat of the clubhouse.

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell 


4th May vs Flackwell Heath T.C.L.

A good win for our club, we won on 3 rinks, drawing on 1 rink and losing on 1 rink, final score 111-74 shots, 9 points to HW and 3 points to Flackwell Heath.


30th April vs Chesham Ladies

On a warm and sunny afternoon, much improved from the weekend, the ladies played a 3 triples match at Chesham. All 3 games were close with 2 of them only decided on the final couple of ends but unfortunately  Chesham came out on all 3. The number of ends won were almost equal but Chesham picked a few high counts in the course of the afternoon and the final shot score was 38 to HW and 53 to Chesham

Match report was submitted by Jean Williams 


28th April vs Long Crendon B.C.

Following the previous days hostile weather conditions, both teams appreciated a slightly warmer and less blustery afternoon to play in. The match on most rinks were closely contested although at the half-way point we were only winning on one rink and drawing on one with the score 36-42 to Long Crendon. We had the better of the second half and at the end the match was tied 75 shots each. Our highest winning rink was Karen Newton, Ray Fountain and Allen Wetherell.

Following the cool playing conditions, again , everyone enjoyed a hot meal to warm us up

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell 


27th April vs Harefield Hospital  B.C. TCL

Our first competitive match of the season was played in very cold, overcast and blustery conditions, which caused all concerned to feel chilly and uncomfortable. As a result, skilful play was difficult. Unfortunately for us, the Harefield team was able to cope better with the conditions and they inflicted an unwelcome defeat. At half time we were ahead on three rinks but overall we were 9 shots down.  We concluded by winning on only one rink, drawing on one and losing on three with a final score of 77 shots to 103.This resulted in 3 points to us and 9 to Harefield. Our highest and only winning rink was Barry Sharp, Keith Russel, Allen Wetherell and Joyce Fowler.

The warmth of the clubhouse welcomed players for tea at half time and for a very welcome hot meal to conclude the afternoon. We pick ourselves up and go again in this competition next Saturday.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


23rd Mar vs Oxford City & County

For our final indoor game of the 2018/19 season, we played a four rink match of 21 ends. At the halfway stage ( 10 ends ) we were nearly level pegging, just 4 shots behind at 31-35, having led at certain stages. Unfortunately, things went downhill from that point and we lost by 28 shots; 58-86. We did not win on any rink, so no vouchers this occasion ! As most of us are used to playing 2 hours matches in the leagues at Handy Cross, a full 21 ends, with no break was tiring. However, we were revived by a very welcome meal of shepherds pie followed by blackcurrant cheesecake.

 As the indoor season is about to end, we look forward to the outdoor season.

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell .


23rd Feb vs Oxford and District IBC

On Saturday 23rd February H.W. once again travelled to Oxford, this time to play Oxford and District indoor club.

There were four rink games, with one drawn and three losses. The final score being 42-86 in favour of Oxford. The drawn rink ( nearest to the highest winning rink) was Cynthia Bell, Rita Wetherell, Jim Palmer and Ray Birch who drew 15-15 .

Match report submitted by Ray Birch 


10th Feb vs Handy Cross IBC

High Wycombe bowls club played Handy Cross IBC and after a very friendly and enjoyable game we won by eighty shots to forty three. A resounding win, especially for the highest winning rink of Chris Baker,Martin Rowley, Ian Smith and John Newport. The game was followed by a lovely ploughman's, ironically prepared by Fay and Fran from High Wycombe !! ( on behalf of Handy Cross)

Match report submitted by Ray Birch 


27th Jan vs Oxford City & County I.B.C.

A squad described as " not our top team" triumphed over a set of full time indoor owls players by 12 shots 85-73 for this 4 rink match. This was a close encounter and, throughout the afternoon ,the overall score had High Wycombe up to 10 shots ahead. However on occasion the scores were tied. We were able to pull  ahead at the end winning on three rinks and losing on one. Our H.W.R. comprised of John Philp, George King, Merle Birch and Christine Simmonds.

Afterwards we enjoyed a roast turkey meal following which Ray Birch commented that this had been an enjoyable and friendly encounter and it was his second win since taking over as captain for the 2018/2019 season.

As there is little need for members to visit the clubhouse at this time of year, the opportunity was taken to compile the basis of the teams to play in the remaining 3 indoor fixtures.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


                                               2018 Match Reports

24th Nov Handy Cross Shield 

The club played the first of the rounds in the Handy Cross Shield.Swans played Hazlemere and won two rinks to one. ( 4points to 2 points). Chestnuts played a very strong team from Marlow and lost two rings to one. ( Marlow 4points Chestnuts 2points).

There is one round in the the round robin section of the competition in December, where  good results will ensure a favourable draw in the quarter finials.

Match's reports submitted by Ray Birch 


11th Nov vs Handy Cross

After an interesting afternoon of bowls, High Wycombe won three of the four rinks, with a winning score of 85-54

Match report submitted by Ray Birch. 


10th Nov vs Foxhills I.B.C

I am sorry to have to report that our run of poor form continued in our match against an experienced team of indoor bowlers. At half time, when tea and biscuits were taken, we were winning on 3 of the six rinks, but after 21 ends we had lost on 5 rinks, with our only winning rink comprising of Bob Robinson, Sue Philp, George King and Ray Birch. Overall the deficit was 52 shots; 86-138. As Boxhills I.B.C. is currently unable to offer a meal after the match, a short social session, when a raffle took place, ended the afternoon.

We enjoyed a convivial afternoon with our hosts and we will regroup for our match against Handy Cross on 11th November. 

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



13th Oct vs White Knights  ( Indoor away)

For our first indoor match of the season, the only things to remember on a largely forgettable afternoon were the very warm and humid playing conditions and a fine meal of stew and dumplings and apple pie and custard afterwards. Our five rink team was soundly beaten 73-154, losing on all rinks in what team captain Ray Birch labelled the match as " A Lesson in Humility " We will regroup and come back stronger when we visit Foxhills next month.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



16th Sept vs Court Park T.C.L.  Final

This match was the climax of our season, a great result for HWBC and has produced three match reports 


Jean Reeman's report ;-

We won yesterday after another tight finis, drawing on 3 rinks and winning on 2. Also won on shots 105-81 so the points score  was 9-3. Highest winning rink was Clive Fowler, Kevin Murphy, Freda Pryce and Jean Williams.Excellent meal provided by Dorothy Benn, Fay Webb, Gail and Phil Hathaway and helpers. 


John Newport's report ;-

This was an exceptional game, and a nail biting from beginning to end !. After 7 ends, Court Park were winning on all rinks, as Jean Reeman was struggling as well as Ray Birch. However ,he hung in there'd although at one point he was 18-8 down, he gradually clawed it back to win 18-23, Jean Williams , 10-8 down won 10-29 and these were are only winning rinks. Both Dave Pryce and Barry Sharp went into the last end losing, but both managed to level their scores. Jean Reeman also hung on in the last end and succeeded in achieving a draw.  H.W.R Jean Williams , Freda, Kevin and Clive. Final score 105-81, 9 points -3 points.

Well done , everyone. You all played a BIG part in this exciting match. 

Congratulations.......I felt really proud.


Ray Birch's report ;-

On Sunday we played our last competitive game of the season, and the game suited the fitting climax as a final. We played Court Park who were finalist for the first time and they gave us a wonderful game. After the first five or six ends we were losing despite home advantage. Of the five rinks only one was winning by halfway, but we stuck to our task and the game became progressively closer. As the afternoon progressed it became obvious that the result would be very close... and so it was. Three of the five rinks drew, a most unusual occurrence, but thanks a win on the other two rinks we prevailed and thus retained the league shield for a second year. Well done to all.


Rink 1...Merle, Bob Nancy and Dave Pryce drew 19-19

Rink 2...Ian, Cynthia, Quintin and Jean Reeman drew 18-18

Rink 3...Fran, George, Chris Simmonds and Ray Birch won 24-18

Rink 4...Clive, Kevin,Freda and Jean Williams won 29-10

Rink 5...Chris Stonell, Joyce,Keith and Barry Sharp drew 16-16 


5th Sept vs Court Park (away)

Following a grand tour of the Hillingdon area, Colin Wakefield and Ray Birch joined the team for a match of five triples. On a fine and sunny early autumn afternoon, we triumphed by 29 shots ( 107-78 ), winning on four rinks and losing on one.Our highest winning rink was Peter Perdoni, Nigel Reynard and Ken Tucker.

It is interesting to note that the London Borough of Hillingdon is investing heavily in sports facilities . During the winter closed season Court Park B.C. will be gaining a complete new clubhouse costing £305,000. Gone will be the tented area, used for dining and the small wooden clubhouse, being replaced by a modern brick built structure.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


1st September vs Iver Heath

After a delayed start due to a mix up over the numbers of triples being played, Iver thought 5, HW thought 6) we eventually played a match of 4 rinks with Roy kindly playing for the opposition. In spite of this both teams enjoyed a close match in ideal conditions. HW started off well and had a comfortable lead when we stopped for tea. However, as is often the case " it all changed after tea" and Iver started to make up the deficit. It ended up with HW winning on 2 rinks, by 2 shots and 1 shot drawing on one and losing on the other, The overall result was a win for Iver Heath by 9 shots , 90-81. The highest winning rink for HW was Maria, Karen, Paul D and Quintin.

Match report was submitted by Jean Reeman 


30th August vs Glory Mill ( away )

Chris Baker captained a team of 4 triples. A scratch squad acquitted themselves well and we lost by the very narrow margin of 4 shots (52-56), losing on two rinks, drawing on one and winning on one. Our highest (only) winning rink was Phil Hathaway, Peter Perdoni and Chris Baker. Thanks to Sue and John Philp who assisted Glory Mill, bowling for them to ensure that a full match was played..

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell  


26th August vs Denham

Match had to be cancelled as it had rained all day and the green was flooded. 


 25th August vs Bassetsbury  (T.C.L.)

 No match report submitted


23rd August vs Royal Household

No match report submitted 


19th August vs Amersham  ( T.C.L. )

 No match report submitted

 18th August vs Chess Vale   ( T. C. L. )

No Match report submitted 


12th August vs Ladygate ( away )

The teams arrival was hampered by the closure of Breaskpear Road South which meant that it was necessary to take an alternative route via Ruislip High Street. Everyone became lost for a while but eventually we all reached our destination. We lost the 6 triples match by 28 shots ( 89-117 ), losing on 4 rinks, drawing on one and winning on one. The highest and only winning rink was Heather Green, Kevin Murphy and Allen Wetherell .

Due to the rainfall over the last 24 hours and a damp atmosphere the green was heavy but generally ran true. A turn round of fortune for our Club Secretary who was on the only losing rink yesterday and on the only winning rink today.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell



11th August vs Maidenhead Town ( away )

A strong High Wycombe team of 5 triples overcame Maidenhead Town by 20shot ( 92-72) winning on 4 of the 5 rinks. Highest winning rink was Merle Birch, Paul Derham, and Barry Sharp. The green was a little heavy but ran true. We were not used to the cool conditions but adjusted to them well.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



9th August vs Gerrards Cross ( away)

This is the first occasion for at least eight years that we have had a friendly match with this club. It felt a little strange for play to start with rain was falling and light showers continued for the remainder of the afternoon. The green was true and ran well despite the dampness. Also during the match a large bonfire clouded the green with acrid smoke. Among all the distractions the 4 triples match progressed well, albeit with HWBC losing by 30 shots, ( 55-85). We had one winning rink  which was Ray Birch, Joyce Fowler and Phil Hathaway 

A light snack and tea was provided at half time and a raffle was held at the end following a summary of the afternoons play by the Captains of the day. Consideration will be given to arranging two friendlies with this club next season.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


5th August vs Chalfont St Giles T.C.L.

On paper this should have been a close match, but after last week we played our A game and we won in a canter, 134-68, 5 rinks won , 12 points. Highest winning rink Jean Williams, Nancy Sharp, Dave Larkin and Ian Smith +26 shots. That result was very important. Well done everyone, we are now 4 points clear at the top of the league 

Match report submitted by John Newport. 


 4th August vs Windsor & Eton

No match report submitted 



29th July vs Amersham T.C.L.

On a very wet miserable afternoon we entertained Amersham. Things didn't go our way, they acquainted themselves better than us with the conditions. We lost 94-96, 3 rinks to ! with one drawn. Thanks to Barry, Freda, Keith and Chris who won 31-15 giving us some respectability . This was a big wake up call.

Match report submitted by John Newport 


28th July vs Maidenhead Town

The very hot weather finally cooled down and the afternoon was a full 10 degrees below that experienced on the previous few days. It was agreed with Maidenhead to play 5 rinks. We won on there rinks and lost on two with an overall win by 26 shots. 105-79 , Maidenhead have recruited 30 new players this season and four of them played their first competitive matches here. Congratulations to our opponents.Highest winning rink Joyce Fowler, Kevin Murphy, Dave Larkin and Allen Wetherell.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


24th July vs Flackwell Heath

Prior to this afternoon match with a 2.00pm start, weather warnings had been issued as the forecast was for 30 degree plus temperatures and a very high UVF rating. The Captains debated whether a shortened match was appropriate. As some cloud cover had arrived, it was decided that 18 ends was appropriate and this proved the correct decision. A warm afternoon with some cool breezes and light cloud enabled a very pleasant but competitive match to be played in friendly company.

The overall result was a win for HWBC by 14 shots;- 90-76. We won on two rings, tied on one and lost on two. Without our Highest winning rink of Bob Jackman, Dave Newton and Chris Baker ( plus 13) we would have only won by one shot.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


22 nd  July vs Wargrave

This game was cancelled as Wargrave were unable to raise a team. 


21st July  Tibby Cup 

Played on a lovely afternoon 14 teams took part each playing 3 games of 7 ends each. 4 points were awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw. Every team except one scored points. Only two teams won all three games, they also won the same number of ends, therefore it went to shot difference. The winning team started with Jim Palmer and Hazel Garvey, but finished with Jim and George King, unfortunately Hazel had to withdraw through injury after one game. Runners up were Richard Free and Bob Jackman. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a great event.

This competition was run and reported by John Newport 


15th July vs Denham   ( away ) 

This game was cancelled by Denham, as it clashed with World Cup Final, we had a team to play.! 


14th July vs Chess Vale (away) T.C.L.

No one goes to Chess Vale and wins, however Wycombe did, 12pts to 0pts, 117-81. Highest winning rink was Ray Birch, Jean Williams, Fran Smith and Dave Larkin. But it wasn't.t easy, after 12 ends we were down on 3 rinks and only 11 shots in front. Which goes to show what a team of fighters we are, never giving up. This result was outstanding. As club Captain I wish I had been there.

Match report submitted by John Newport 


8th July vs Wendover ( away  )

Due to the exceptionally hot weather, the Captains agreed that this match would be 15 ends with one shot on the first two ends. We lost on 3 rinks, drew on 1 and won on 1, Our highest ( and only) winning rink was George King, Marion Larkin and Ray Birch. The green was heavier than High Wycombe but it ran well and was consistent .

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell 


7th July vs  Flackwell Heath T.C.L.

On a very warm and sunny afternoon we entertained our local rivals, we started very cautiously, down on at least two rinks.But we began to assert ourselves and ran out winning 146-71, 4 rinks to 1 Highest winning rink was Fran Smith, Paul Norman,Nancy Sharp and Richard Free.

Match report submitted by John Newport 


1st July vs Harefield T.C.L.

The last time we were due to play Harefield it was monsoon weather. What a contrast this time we were scorched.We started slowlyand, after 8 ends we were losing 3 rinks to 1 with 1 level. But with our usual fighting spirit we came through to win convincingly 4 rings to 1 only losing by one shot on that end despite getting a 4 on the last end. Unlucky. Total shots 124-90 therefore  10pts to 2 its Highest winning rink was Dave Pryce, Dave Larkin, Merle Birch and Nancy Sharp. Thank you to everyone who helped to produce a meal in very demanding conditions.

Match report submitted by John Newport 


30th June vs Thame B.C.

Initially,we had planned for 5 triples but Thame asked for 6-this may be because they appreciate our generous hospitality.On a blistering hot afternoon we won the match by 14 shots;- 108-94. We won on 3 rinks, drew on 1 and lost on 2. Our highest winning rink was Merle Birch, Malcolm Heather and Jean Williams. Afterwards we were served with a light ploughman's meal, it was discovered that we had been overcharged when we had visited Thame and a refund is omits way.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


 24th June vs Chesham B.C.

This was the return fixture for the Chesham Cup. We had won the home leg, on 26th May, by 63 shots so had a comfortable cushion to ensure overall victory.

On a fine ,sunny and hot afternoon we lost by 17 shots; 83-100. So overall,we won the cup by 46 shots. Chesham won on 3 rinks and we won on 2; our highest winning rink was Clive Fowler, Maria Perdoni, Nancy Sharp sand Ray Birch. The green was much heavier than that which we expect at this club but it ran true, Despite losing this part of the contest, we all enjoyed our afternoon.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


23rd June vs Wexham

On a beautifully sunny day we entertained Wexham. This was always going to be a hard game. Wexham have had some very good results recently. We won on 3 rinks and lost on 2; 114-98, 8pts to 4pts. Highest winning rink was Bob Broad,Ian Smith, Roy Walters and Joyce Fowler.

Well done to everyone.

Match report submitted by John Newport 


17th June vs Desborough B. C.

This should have been a two leg match for the Dessau Cup.The aggregate score decides the winner but Desborough were unable to field a team for the first leg on 19th May,so this match stop alone. Overall the match was evenly contested but within there were a number of drastic changes to scores and results. At one stage, the team lead by John Newport was losing 3-21,but the final score was 20-23.

HWBC retained the cup by nine shots 97-88, and we won 2 drew 1 and lost 2 rinks. Our highest winning rink was Chris Baker, Roy Walters, Bob Robinson and Allen Wetherell .

On a cool afternoon, a hot meal of sausages and beans was enjoyed by all. However,we are still waiting for the punch line of a joke related by one Captain.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


16th June vs  Thame B.C.

This 4 rink match was played under threatening skies and little light drizzle did fall during the afternoon. As in Thames usual fashion, we played right through for 21 ends. This did not dampen our spirits and a friendly match was played with very close results on three rinks. Overall we lost the match by 15 shots;- 64-79. Our highest and only winning rink was Joyce Fowler, Karen Newton, Paul Derham and Bob Broad.

We look forward to reversing the result in the return fixture which takes place in two weeks time.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 

 12th June vs Bassetsbury ( 6pm )

This was our first evening match of the season.A match of 5 triples started with dark grey clouds hanging over the green. We kept our fingers crossed and after half an hour the clouds moved away and the sun shone for the rest of a pleasant evening. This was a very even contest , we won on three rinks but lost on two but overall we lost by 2 shots 79-81. Our highest winning rink was Kevin Murphy,Chris Baker and Dan Ayres.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell  


 10th June Centenary Cup 

On a beautiful sunny day six teams played for the right to contest the trophy on finals weekend. The winning teams who will be in the final are, ;- Geoff Carvey, Joyce Fowler and Peter Perdoni will play Richard Free, Chris Baker and Phil Hathaway.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres. 


9th June vs Chalfont St Giles TCL

On a bright sunny afternoon we went to Chalfont St Giles in the T.C.L..With a few players missing, we suffered a defeat 3 rinks to 2, 103-90, 8 pts to 4 pts. Highest winning rink was Barry,Kevin,Clive and Maria. Well done Maria,first time in the T.C.L playing with the master

Match report submitted by John Newport 


7th June vs Marlow

A closely contested match, held on a rather discoloured and bumpy green, resulted on a victory for us by 5 shots ;-82-77. We won on three rinks and they won on two. Highest winning rink;- Royston Mobbs,Ron Man and Bob Broad. There was a hint of rain in the air and we dodged a light shower while we had tea at half time. Up to that point we were down on 4 rinks but the tea and biscuits ( and rain) obviously helped us and we caught up well.

There were couple of adnministrative problems but we sorted them out.On arrival their Captain queried why we had 5 triples when they had arranged 6. Although he implied the fault lay with us, some of their members were aware that their booked showed 5 triples. Not a helpful start. The payment arrangements were challenged and we paid up while the chart showed this to be a reciprocal match.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


3rd June vs Bassetsbury Manor TCL

On a very hot afternoon, away to Bassetsbury Manor we had a great win;-110-82, we won on 3 rink, drew on 1, lost on 1,therefore 9pts - 3pts.

Highest winning rink was Jean R, Dave L, Bob R, and Freda P, 21-5. Bassetsbury had started the season very well, beating Harefield away and drawing with Wexham also away. Therefore this  was a fine performance .

Match report submitted by John Newport 


2nd June vs Suttons

On a glorious late spring afternoon the High Wycombe team responded accordingly and trounced Suttons. We won on all 5 rinks, overall by 56 shots ;- 108-52. There were two highest winning rinks and on the number on ends won this went to Rita Wetherell,Alan Smith and Ray Birch.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


31st May vs Glory Mill

In the face of an official weather warning threatening storms and torrential downpours of rainy warm and bright afternoon was enjoyed. We won the match by 18 shots- 80-62 with three winning rinks, losing on one. Highest winning rink ;- Karen Newton, Ray Fountain and Allen Wetherell. WE are due to play three further matches versus Glory Mill this season so the rivalry will continue.

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell  


29th May vs Aylesbury Town

It is regretted the this match was abandoned after 4 ends due to heavy rain and the presence of lightning.Following an early break for tea, the captains decided that there was virtually no likelihood of the conditions changing.

Unfortunately there is no reverse fixture this  years we will have to wait until 2019 to play them.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


26th May vs Chesham

The first leg of our game against chesham was a very one sided affair, we won 123-60. Highest winning rink was Barry,Ian,George and Joyce, 35-17. At tea time Barry was the only losing rink 3-15, amazing what a cuppa does.

Match report submitted by John Newport. 


24th May vs Flackwell Heath

In a complete contrast to our match yesterday at Iver Heath , the green was lumpy, bumpy and unpredictable. However, we acknowledge that it is the same for both teams and following rain, the green was heavy.

We won on two rinks and lost on three, overall by 13 shots- 85-72. Highest winning rink Cynthia Bell, Chris Baker, and Allen Wetherell .

A light finger buffet was provided afterwards, plus drinks and a raffle was held.

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell 


23rd May vs Iver Heath

This is the first occasion we have played Iver Heath for a few years as they were dropped for having failed to bring a team to High Wycombe two years running. Despite a boycott from the ladies, who were upset that Iver cancelled their ladies match with us on the 9th May, a clash with the Bucks Cup match and a second match the following day, we managed to field 4 triples.

I am sorry to say that we lost on all rinks 55-87. Our lowest losing rink(by one shote) was John Smith,Colin Rymill and Allen Wetherell . The green was a delight to play on- smooth, fast and true. There was a genuine feeling of camaraderie among the team and we all enjoyed a friendly afternoons bowling.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


17th May vs Marlow

Today we played Marlow this afternoon in a friendly of 5 triples. The weather was sunny and warm, ideal playing conditions, we won 3 rinks to 2 rinks with an overall score of 120-64. H W R was Nigel Reynard, Mitch Brown and Richard Free

Match report was submitted by Dan Ayres 


13th May vs Aston Clinton

This match was originally arranged for 6 triples but Aston Clinton were only able to bring sufficient members for 4 triples.To enable all our members who had made themselves available to have a match.4 competitive plus a     friendly of two HWBC teams was played. On a fine spring afternoon, in warm sunshine, we won on two rinks and Aston Clinton won on two-with a very close victory for HWBC by 71-70. Our highest winning rink was Paul Derham,Ray Fountain and Richard Free.

The meal after the match was supplied by an all male team, sausage casserole followed by fresh fruit and yoghurt-which was enjoyed by all concerned.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


12th May vs Wexham

On a very cold and wet afternoon, we travelled to Wexham. On a normal day this was always going to be tough.but the rain tends to even things up, to come away only losing 8pts to 4pts. was a good result. We won on 2 rinks lost on 3, 115-84 shots to Wexham. Highest winning rink was Joyce,Dan,Bob and Dave. I would like to thank everyone for their fighting spirit, we could so easily lost 12pts to 0

Match report submitted by John Newport 


8th May vs Court Park

This Match of 5 triples was played in the same hot and sunny conditions as that experienced last Saturday.I am afraid to report that we were comprehensively beaten by a strong team on four rinks and we drew on one. The final score was 59-111. Our drawing rink was Dave Newton, Richard Free and Chris Baker.

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell 


 6th May vs South Oxford

With weather which was the complete opposite of last Sunday's visit to Long Crendon,we enjoyed a very hot and sunny afternoon match of 6 triples rinks. Unfortunately we lost by 4 and half to 1 and half rinks and by 14 shots; 90-104. Our highest winning rink was Keith Russell, Chris Baker and Jean Williams.

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell 


5th May vs Flackwell Heath

Our first completed match in the T.C.L.. On a very hot day we started this years campaign where we left off last year with a hard fought victory, winning 115-88,10pts- 2pts. Highest winning rink;- Ray B, Kevin, Nancy and Joyce. Well done to everyone!

Match report submitted by John Newport 


29th April vs Long Crendon (away)

On a very cold and grey afternoon we were "roasted",losing 63-117 and on 5 of the 6 rings.Our highest (and only) winning rink was Ray Birch,Merle Birch and Maria Perdoni. It is fair to say that everyone involved was pleased when the match was finished and we could regain the warmth of the clubhouse.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


28th April vs Harefield Hospital (away)

It was most disappointing to report that the match was abandoned without a wood being bowled. Despite every effort being made to make it playable, Harefield's green was waterlogged. It was subsequently agreed that no suitable alternative date could be arranged so the points were shared , i.e. 6 each.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


7th January vs Desborough I.B.C.

A friendly afternoon match with 18 ends. The overall score was High Wycombe 94 shots, Desborough 79 shots. Three rinks were won and three rinks were lost but our winning score gave us victory overall. H.W.R. Jean Williams, George King and Marion Larkin.

The opportunity was taken to reclaim the replica Dessau Cup which we won by default during the summer 2017 season.