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H.W.R = Highest Winning Rink 

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                                                 2018 Match Reports

 7th January vs Desborough I.B.C.

A friendly afternoon match with 18 ends. The overall score was High Wycombe 94 shots, Desborough 79 shots. Three rinks were won and three rinks were lost but our winning score gave us victory overall. H.W.R. Jean Williams, George King and Marion Larkin.

The opportunity was taken to reclaim the replica Dessau Cup which we won by default during the summer 2017 season.


Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell  



                           2017 Match Reorts 


11th November vs Foxhills  Indoor Bowls Club

Originally planned for 6 rinks, the match had to be reduced to 5 rinks due to a shortage of HWBC players. Our part time indoor players competed against many who play indoors at all times. We acquitted ourselves well, scoring 96 shots to Foxhills 109 and losing by only 13 shots. We won on 2 rinks and Foxhills won on 3. H.W.R Merle Birch, Allen Wetherell , Roy Walters and  Barry Simmonds. This was our last club match of the year, Onward to 2018.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell . 


 17th September vs Rosedale Park  ( T.C.L. Final )

The T.C.L. Final, versus Rosedale Park,was played on Sunday 17th September at Fassnidge. 

Despite a sunny start, within a very short space of time we had to put on our waterproofs !

As the game progressed we fell further behind and, at one point, we were 35 shots behind, things were not looking good. Although Dave Pryce was 6-19 down, Barry Simmonds was 4-18 down and Bob Broad was 4-12 down, Ray Birch was managing to keep in front, Barry Sharp was battling hard to stay in touch.

Throughout the game we used all our fighting spirit and resolved to come back with vengeance-it certainly paid off . Dave won 25-20, Barry Sharp won 21-15, Bob Lost 17-20, and Barry Simmonds lost 13-22. Final shots score was 94-92 to H.W.B.C. League points 8-4 to us.

I have to admit that I felt a bit sorry for Rosedale Park as they were probably the strongest team we played in the competition.

Finally, I would just like to say that I am very proud to be Captain of such a fine team of players who persevere and never give up. And that also includes everyone who played in all the other games, because without them we may not have reached the Final.

Match report submitted by Captain John Newport. 


 16th September vs South Oxford ( Friendly )

The last friendly match of the season didn't go to plan! We went to South Oxford and lost 4 rinks to 1 and 1 drawn.final score 123-81, H.W.R was Roy Walters, Dan Ayres and Karen Newton. We were obviously leaving something in the locker for the next day's BIG Game.

Match report submitted by John Newport 


6th September vs Court Park

Somehow this feels as if the team was ambushed. We travelled to Hillingdon in high hopes of a victorious afternoon but encounter the full force of a very strong team. Our opponents numbered amongst their ranks County players, competition Champions , league winners, etc. As a result we lost heavily by 41 shots-61-102.There are defeats on 4 rinks and we drew on one. Bob Broad, Paul Denham and Royston Mobbs managed an honourable tie. An afternoon to forget ?. No! Pleasant company, a good green and refreshing cups of tea made this an enjoyable experience. ( I wonder who has had experience as a spin doctor) .

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


3rd September vs Ladygate ( friendly ) 

Just before this triples match started, as forecast, it began to rain and a steady light rain continued  to fall throughout the afternoon. Fortunately, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of our team and we won the match by 16 shots- 113-97. We won on 4 rinks and lost on 2. H.W.R. Dan Ayres, Kevin Murphy and Dorothy Benn. The green ran well throughout and was praised by Ladygate's Captain. A hot meal provided by Jean Williams,Marion Larkin and their team was most welcome.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


2nd September vs Iver Heath

Our visit to Iver Heath began by seeing lovely flowers and a great looking green, which also played particularly well. We played 6 triples, won 4 and lost 2. The score was 105-92, H.W.R Barry Sharp, Paul Denham and Joyce Fowler. The weather was great so a good day all round.

Match report submitted by John Newport. 


31st August vs  Glory Mill ( friendly)

At 1.30pm a heavy shower of rain accompanied by a little thunder and lightning resulted in mats being used for this match. We won the fixture overall by 22 shots- 83-61. Both clubs won on two rinks and lost on two. H.W.R Geoff Carvey, Chris Baker, Martin Rowley.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


27th August vs Denham BC ( friendly)

Denham were expecting a team comprising of 6 triples but we arrived with 5 triples and we played 5 triples. An unexpected hot and sunny afternoon enabled us to win the match convincingly by 58 shots, 122-64. We won on 4 rinks and only lost by 3 shots on the other. H.W.R. Barry Sharp, Chris Simmonds and Geoff Carvey.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 



26th August vs Bassetsbury (T.C.L)

This game involved 4 rinks as they we unable to field 5. We win on all 4 rinks 103-74. H.W.R Dave, Cynthia, Keith and Ray. The game was not as one sided as the score suggests; on 2 rinks we only won by 2 shots. We have finished in grand style played 14 won 13. Shot difference +481. We have used 40 players which shows great depth. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and commitment.

Match report submitted by John Newport 



24th August vs Royal Household

Unfortunately we lost this game on all three triples with an overall score of 42-63. Both the recent ladies games were played in good company with lovely meals afterwards provided by Chris Simmonds and Merle Birch - thank you ladies.

Match report submitted by Jean Williams. 



22nd August vs Bucks Masonic Bowls Association

Seven rinks were laid out and seven triples matches were played in a friendly but competitive manner . A warn but overcast afternoon with mats down. The result was close with an 8 shot win to HWBC 108-100,we won on 4 rinks and lost on 3. H.W.R. Rita Wetherell, Norman Dale and Dan Ayres.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


20th August vs Amersham B.C. ( T.C.L.)

Although we were aware that we could not be overtaken at the top of our section of the league, we did not ease off in our efforts to win this fixture. So, on a cool and windy afternoon with rain threatened, we beat Amersham B.C. by 32 shots- 110-78. We won on three rinks, drew one and lost on one, so 9 points to HW and 3 points to Amersham. H.W.R. was Barry Simmonds,Jim Palmer, Kevin Murphy and Joyce Fowler. The match was followed by sparse refreshments; your correspondent had a small cup of tea( a refill was provided on request), a cupcake and two biscuits. Hmmm......

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


19th August vs Chess Vale ( T.C.L. )

What a performance, we won 153-69 4 rinks to 1 H.W.R. Barry Simmonds, Nancy, Dan, and Joyce 40-8 We are CHAMPIONS well done everyone.!!

Match report submitted by John Newport  



14th August vs Wargrave Chiltern & Thames

After some confusion regarding the number of rinks playing, we agreed 3 competitive triples and 1 friendly, Thank you Dan, Nigel and Royston for stepping down.

A very closely fought match which ended on a  50 shots to 50 shots tie, although we won on 2 triples to our opponents 1, - so 6 points to HWBC and 4 points to Wargrave. We had a clear win on the friendly triple ;- 21-8. H.W.R.by the narrowest of margins, Rita Wetherell, Kevin Murphy and Quintin Campbell. This was followed by a most acceptable supper of sausages and beans plus sausage rolls and bread. The match finished in near darkness and a 5-30 start is recommended for future matches at this time of year.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


13th August vs Ladygate

Today we played at Ladygate on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The green played well and we won 3 of the 5 triples, unfortunately we lost 73-88 overall. H.W.R. Clive, Merle and Chris Simmonds

 Match report submitted by Dan Ayres. 12th vs Maidenhead

This match had to be cancelled as Maidenhead were unable to field a team. 


12th August vs Maidenhead 

This match had to be cancelled as Maidenhead  were unable to field a team. 


 11th August vs Cippenham Chiltern & Thames

A match held when the weather threatened rain and when the rain did arrive results turned in our favour. We were behind on 3 of the 4 rinks until the 13/14th end. Then one competitive rink won the last 7 ends and the friendly rink gained 10 shots on the last 4 ends-both winning their matches. The final score was HWBC 48, Cippenham 42. We won 2 of the 3 competitive rinks, so a 8 point to 2 success and we also won on the friendly rink. H.W.R. Joyce Fowler,Quintin Campbell, Barry Simmonds. Rob asked wether he should have a voucher as he was on the H.W.R. (friendly)-this was politely declined.

Match report was submitted by Allen Wetherell  



6th August vs Chalfont St Giles  T.C.L

A successful afternoon which puts us in a strong position to win our section of the League. We won the match 4 rinks to 1 by 54 shots, 127-73. H.W.R was Barry Sharp, Ian Smith, John Newport, and Joyce Fowler.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


5th August vs Windsor & Eton

A very enjoyable afternoon, even if you get soaked and sunburnt within half an hour.We lost by 13 shots, 120-107, 5 rinks to 1. H.W.R. Ray, Quintin, Rita and Clive. In spite of the weather it was probably the fastest green this year.

Match report submitted by John Newport. 


31 July vs Burnham A C & T

We lost 30-63 in the 3 league games and we won 36-27 in the friendlies which were 1 win apiece. Overall the score was 66-90.

The green was in poor in most peoples opinion, on a heavy green, we failed to adjust to the conditions and we lost on the 3 competitive rings, so Burnham 10 points HWBC 0 points. We one and lost one of the friendly rinks. Overall we lost by 19 shots. Our HWR was Malcolm Heather, Colin Rymill and John Newport. A disappointing evening against the table topping Club.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres. 


 30th July vs Amersham TCL

High Wycombe won 5 rinks tp 0, 115-77 shots HWR Bob Broad, Cynthia Bell, Bob Robinson and Keith Russell. A much closer game than the score suggest, after 16 ends Bobs team were losing, going into the last end Ray was losing and Barry Sharp was drawing. This shows our great fighting spirit.

Match report submitted by John Newport. 


29 July vs Maidenhead Town B.C.

Prior to this match confusion reigned; orginally we were due to play 6 rinks but our numbers dictated 4 rinks, they had planned for 6 triples-we ended up playing with 4 rinks. Our fixture book showed a 2.30pm start while they expected to play at 2.00 pm we played at 2.00pm.

It wasn't raining when we started but after 6 ends it started and by 10 ends it was fairly heavy. After tea rain fell steadily and it got harder as we went on, so that by 18 ends it was decided to finish the match. At that point we had won by 17 shots- 71-54, winning 2 rinks, drawing on 1 and losing on 1. H.W.R. Rita Wetherell, Paul Derham, Norman Dale, Barry Simmonds. Thanks due to Chris Baker who played at 3 hours notice. Maidenhead had their revenge by winning all of the raffle prizes.

 Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell.


25th July vs Flackwell heath C & T

We beat Flackwell Heath 52-41, 8 points to us and 2 to Flackwell. HWR Hazel Carvey, Bob Robinson and Barry Simmonds.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres. 


16 July vs Denham B.C. 

An experimental team gave a good account of itself. The final score was a loss by 6 shots 89-95,we won on 2 rinks and lost on three. We had two debutantes as skips;- Colin Rymill and Paul Denham. Colin capped a good day by leading the H.W.R. team of Rita Wetherell, Geoff Carvey and Colin Rymill.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


15 July vs Chess Vale B.C.

We knew it wouldn't last forever and our winning streak came to an end. We were heavily defeated 111-86, 4 rinks to 1. Well done to our H.W.R. Barry Simmonds, Nancy Sharp, Clive Fowler and Christine Baker. We fought hard but on the day the best team won. Roll on 18th August. when hopefully we will make home advantage count.

Match report submitted by John Newport 



11 July vs Burnham BC Chiltern & Thames League

In appalling conditions-it rained steadily throughout the match-we won on one rink and lost on two with final score 45 shots each. This meant 4 points to us and 6 points to them. The final rink to finish did so in semi darkness with the twinkling lights of the clubhouse welcoming the players into a warm and dry environment. A fine supper was the enjoyed by all.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell  


09 July vs Wendover B.C. ( friendly )

A second very hot and humid day of the weekend, and, again we rose to the challenge. In winning 5 of the 6 rinks, we beat Wendover soundly by 60(yes 60) shots 157-87. H.W.R. Roy Walters, Ian Smith, Clive Fowler and Martin Rowley. An unfortunate accident to a member of the Wendover team disrupted play for a while, but apart from cuts and bruises, he went home unaided. 

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


08 July vs Flackwell Heath ( T.C.L.)

The latest fixture in this competition took place in hot oppressive weather but a pleasant afternoon was enjoyed with our close neighbours.Overall we won the match 101-89,winning two rinks, losing two and drawing on one.so 7 points to us and 5 to Flackwell. A noteworthy performance came from rink 4, where Bob Broads's team were losing 16-8 with 5 ends remaining; the final result was a 17-17 draw. H.W.R.; Ray Birch, Chris Simmons,Jim Palmer and Clive Fowler.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


02 July vs Harefield  ( T.C.L. )

Well done again 100% record. We beat the last 2 years champions in their own back yard, 3 rinks to 2 116-78, 8 points to 4. H.W.R. Barry Simmonds, Ian Smith Dan Ayres and Christine Baker 36-4

Match report submitted by John Newport 


01 July vs Cippenham B.C.

Cippenhams green is close to the Great Western main railway line and so the sound of frequent noisy trains punctuated the afternoon.However, this did not affect our playing skills and we won both matches-the league match by 57-53 winning 2 rinks and losing 1; the friendly match 32-21.This means HWBC 8 points,Cippenham 2 points.H.W.R Ray Birch, Allen Wetherell and Joyce Fowler.

We were soundly beaten with the raffle, winning only one of eight prizes.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell. 


25 June vs Chesham B.C.

this was the return fixture, following our 15 shot victory in the first leg of the competition for the Chesham Cup. As we fielded 6 rinks as opposed to 7 in the home match, by using some advanced mathematics and the back of an envelop, the difference to our original lead was reduced to a 13 shot lead.        

The afternoon resulted in a 16 shot victory 109-93, so the overall result meant that we retained the cup by a 29 shot margin. Our H.W.R. was Bob Broad, Kevin Murphy, Brian Bristow and Dorothy Benn. this was Karen and David Newton's first match-welcome to the team-and we were pleased to see Alan Smith among our numbers. Barry Sharp birthday was celebrated with a rousing version of "Happy Birthday to you"sung by all present.

Match report was submitted by  Allen Wetherell 


 24 June vs Wexham

Another fine win in the T C L against one of the better teams Wexham by 112-76, 3 rinks to 2 . H.W.R. Barry Simmonds, Keith Russell, Chris Baker and Clive Fowler, However this was only by winning one more end than Dave Pryce's team. We have now used 39 players in this competition and won every game. Well done everyone

Match report submitted by John Newport. 


18 June  vs Gerrards Cross  ( evening game )

On a glorious evening, we entertained Gerrards Cross.Halfway through we were winning but we could not sustain that level of performance.Only Barry Sharp and Chris Stonnell did, despite a big effort from the England captain and manager John McGuinness and his partner,Barry and Chris won 24-16. We lost 4-1 but everyone put in a very good performance.Thank you to everyone for your support. 

 Match report submitted by John Newport


18 June vs Desborough ( match Cancelled )

We were supposed to host Desborough on Sunday 18th June in the return fixture for the Dessau cup, this is contested by both clubs on a home and away basis.We had beaten Desborough on their green by 43 shots so we werelooking forward to consolidating this lead and taking back the cup, which they had won last year.Unfortunately they could not raise a team, which is surprising considering their membership is 4 times our own. We wonder if they might have been more prepared to send a team it they are leading, We take playing for this trophy very seriously, a view obviously not shared by Desborough.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres 


17 June vs Thame

On a very hot and sultry afternoon we entertained Thame B.C. in our once a season match (alternately home and away).Four of the five rinks were very close with no more than six shots separating each one.Overall we won three of the five rinks but lost the match by 9 shots ;-69-78.H.W.R. was Kevin Murphy,Dorothy Benn and Margaret Stevens. By coincidence the skips on rink four were both team captains on the day and their clubs Presidents.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


13 June vs Bassettsbury TCL 

 We beat Bassettbury 71-33 winning all 3 triples in C & T league game.H.W.R was Roy Walters,Nancy Sharp,and Barry Simmonds.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres 


11 June Centenary Cup (in house competition )

On a sunny but very windy day our Centenenary Cup was played for ,with 6 teams of 3 persons, each team played 2 triple matches,1 single match and 1 double match, all matches were eight ends or 1 hour duration. 3 points were awarded for a win,1 point for a drawn end and 0 points for a lost end. The two teams through to the finials weekend are  Quintin Campbell, Paul Derham and Rita Wetherell with a total of 9 points, and with a score of 7 points are Allen Wetherell ,Hazel Carvey  and Ray Fountain. Many thanks to John Newport for running todays game, a good day was had by all who played.

Match report submitted by Ray Fountain 


10 June vs Chalfont St Giles B.C. ( T.C.L. )

A very good win for us by 53 shots ( 86-139) with 4 winning rings ,so a 10-2 score. H.W.R. Dave Pryce, Nacy Sharp,Allen Wetherell & Clive Fowler. This could assist the club to take the lead in the League. Captain Dan Ayres drew attention to a very commendable effort by rink 4, Bob Boroad, Quintin Campbell, Keith Russell and Freda Pryce,who at one stage were losing 3-16 but fought back to win 19-17.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell.


08 June vs Marlow B.C. 

 Today we travelled to Marlow on an overcast day to play a 5 rink triple.WE gave a debut to Bob Jackman, and he acquittedhinself very well.We llost by 3 rinks to 2 and a score of 105-77,this gave Marlow some revenge for their heavy loss on our Green. We did have a H.W.R Ray Bitch,Chris Baker and Rob Rowley.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres 

04 June vs Bassettsbury B.C. 

 On a overcast afternoon we travelled round the corner to play Bassettsbury in a TCL match. We won on4 of the 5 rings and by a score of 112-75. This was a 10 points to 2 victory for the  league purposes.H.W.R. was Clive Fowler,George King Nacey Sharp and Dave Pryce.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres 


03 June vs Suttons B.C. 

Our team, lead by Captain of the day Ray Birch, inflicted a heavy defeat on Suttons by 56 shots;- 132-76. We had 4 winning rinks with 2 losing. H.W.R Colin Rymill,Rita Wetherell,Kevin Murphy and Ray Birch.

Special thanks are due to Dorothy Benn and Chris Baker who obtained the food,prepared it and with the help of other members, laid the tables and produced a fine 2 course meal for 48 players and 2 quests, all at less than a days notice.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell  


01 June vs Glory Mill

 We travelled today to Glory Mill for a 4 rink triple .The weather was hot and sunny, the green unpredictable, but we persevered and won on 3 rinks and drew on the fourth,The overall score was 77-51 in our favour.H.W.R Marin Rowley,Malcolm Heather and Dan Ayres.A Big thank youth all who played, especially as we have a lot of club competitions and inter club matches at the moment.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres 


30May vs Aylesbury Town B C  

 Under Captain Dan,s leaderships a mid week contingent overcame our opponents challenge by coming away with a 15 shot win, 91-76.Two rings were won, one drawn and two lost.H.W.R Kevin Murphy, Dorothy Benn and Rob Rowley. We also won 3 out of the 4 raffle prizes.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


27 May vs Chesham ( Chesham cup , first leg ) 

 Led by Captain Jean Williams and playing against a strong team from Chesham,we were victorious overall 134-119.THis means we have a 15 shot margin to defend in the return match.This was a seven rink match and we should take a similar number back to Chesham on the 25th June. H.W.R was Dave Pryce,Ian Smith,George King and Joyce Fowler.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


25 May vs Blackwell Heath ( C & T )

 Today we played at Blackwell Heath,it was extremely hot, 27c. We played the Chiltern and Thames 3 triples match and won by 2 rings to 1 , score 49-42.We also played 3 friendly tries and lost 2 rings to1, score 55-49, overall we won the day by the closest of margins 98-97.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres 


21 May vs Long Crendon

On a beautiful sunny afternoon we were at home to Long Crendon,the score was not as good as the weather, we lost 75-96,losing 3 rings and wining 2.

 Match report submitted by Dan Ayres


20 May vs Desborough ( Dessau Cup )

What a way too start to win back the cup, rain before the game didn't bode well, however although the rain clouds passed around us we played the match in dry conditions, we won by 41 shots, 131-90.H.W.R was Barry Sharp,Freda, Ian and Bob R. 

 Match report submitted By Dan Ayres and John Newport


18 May vs  Marlow

In very wet conditions, we won todays match by a score of 95 to 43,we were successful on all 5 rings in this midweek triples match H.W.R was Chris Simmonds,Paul Derham and Clive Fowler.

Match report submitted by Dan Ayres 


16 May vs Aylesbury Ladies

Unfortunately the ladies lost against Aylesbury ladies played on three triples.We did have one winning triple however,- Cynthia Bell and Merle Birch ably assisted by one of Aylesbury ladies who helped us out.We welcomed Pat Axford who had not played for a number of years, she seemed to enjoy the game even though we lost.

Match report submitted by Jean Williams 


14 May  vs Aston Clinton 

As far as members can recall, this was our clubs first visit to Aston Clinton.The green was heavy and moist when we started but it dried out quite quickly and we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon.We won on two rings, drew on one and lost on two.THe final score was 82-95 to Aston Clinton.H.W.R Dave Larkin,Chris Baker and Martin Rowley.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


13 May vs Wexham TCL

On a heavy green, we all took time to adjust to the conditions, none more dothan Bob Boards team, after 12 ends the were 15-6 down, but came through after the tea break, to win 16-24. In the end we won 107-94,4 rinks to 1,giving us 10 points ,Wexham 2 points. H.W.R was Ray Birch,Chris Simmonds,Ray Fountain & Clive Fowler. Another great day, well done to all.

Match report submitted by John Newport


10 May vs Wargrave C.& T. league

I am afraid that,becauseof the leagues rules-one rink did not include a lady player-I need to rewrite the match report. "Due to an error, one of our rinks did not comply with the league rules in that it did not include a lady player. As a result, we have to forfeit the 4 match points and the 2 game points on the offending rink.The final points tally is.therefore HWBC4 Wargrave 6.While a friendly rink did not comply either, this has no bearing on the competitive element of the match.Dorothy and Rita came down expecting a relaxing evening watching the match but ended up providing an excellent supper from scratch, with support from Nancy. Well done ladies !! We also had an interesting report on Jean Williams'driving skills.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell  


09 May vs Court Park

Another cold and breezy afternoon resulted in all players wearing several layers of clothing.Our team managed to cope with these  conditions better than our opponents winning the match 118-74,we were successful on 4 rinks, losing on 2.Highest winning rink was Barry Simmonds,Chris Baker and debutante Paul Derham. At first we were going to play through 18 ends but ,Fortunately, Margaret Stevens and Maddie Morris arrived and we enjoyed a tea break in the warmth of the clubhouse at half time.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


07 May vs South Oxford B.C.

Our arrival on the green was meet with bright sunshine on a warm spring afternoon.Unfortunately the overall result did not match the weather and we lost on 4 rinks, drew on one and only won on one.The final score was a loss of 75-95.Our only winning rink comprised of Ray Birch,Allen Wetherell,Rob Rowley and Joyce Fowler. George King did not have any kit so to save his blushes he was lent various items, including Dan Ayres'trousers. ( too much information !!!) 

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


06 May vs Flackwell Heath

A very hard fought win,2 rinks won,2 rinks lost, one ring drawn, 122-84 in our favour.H.W.R Barry Sharp,Bob Robinson,Ian Smith and Merle Birch,41-12. Well played everyone again, a great team effort.

Match report submitted by John Newport 


 02 May vs Chesham Ladies

I am afraid we did not do very well at Chesham,losing 37-50,however we did have one winning rink-Joyce Fowler, Chris Simmonds and Jean Reeman. Hopefully we will do better next time

Match report submitted by Jean Williams 


 30 April vs Long Crendon

On a cold and windy afternoon with rain threatened, the team had two debutants;- Dan Ayres ,first match as Captain and it was Brian Bristow's first match representing the club.Unfortunately we lost on all rinks by an overall score of 115-74.The rink losing by the smallest margin was Ray Birch,Dorothy Benn,Dan Ayres and Quintin Campbell.

Match report submitted by Allen Wetherell 


29 April 17 vs Harefield (TCL)

great start to the T.C.L. campaign, we won 4 rinks lost on 1, HWR was Ray Birch,Chris Simmonds, Nancy Sharp,Geoff Carvey. Well done everyone.

Match report submitted by John Newport 


01 April 17 vs Oxford C & C

As Captain I was very proud of our team performance, although we won on 5 rinks to 1, 4 of those rings won by the closest of margins. HWR was Bob Board, Dave Larkin,Dorothy Benn and Ray Fountain. Final score 122-104. 

Match report submitted by John Newport 



18 March 17 Handy Cross Shield

High Wycombe Bowls Club won this Trophy by 3-0,H.W.R was Jean Reeman, Christine Baker and Fran Smith,other members of the winning team were Dave Pryce (captain) Chris Stonell,Ian Smith, Jean Williams, Marjorie Ansell and Freda Pryce. ( comment from our Club captain  ;- 6 ladies and 3 men ). Congratulations.  


29 January 17 vs Oxford

 John has to report a loss on this game, 99-71 ,there was one winning rink D. Pryce, I. Smith, D. Benn and M. Birch.however, a very fast green which everybody found a bit difficult , but John thought that all players enjoyed themselves.


 08 January 17 vs Desborough

This was John Newports first match as captain and a full complement of six rinks accompanied him to Maidenhead. A competitive match was won overall by HWBC 133-106, We won on 3 rinks, drew on 1 and lost on two. Highest wining rink was Freda Pryce,Allen Wetherell, Ian Smith and John Newport.