Something to look at in the "closed" season



SUN 16th OCT 2016

2pm Chalfont v Loudwater    4pm Bassetsbury v HW Chestnuts

SUN 20th NOV 2016

2pm High Wycombe Chestnuts v Marlow     4pm Flackwell v Handy Cross

SAT 3rd DEC 2016

2pm Bassetsbury v Marlow

4pm Chalfont v HW Swans

SUN 18th DEC 2016

2pm Flackwell v Hazlemere

SAT 7th JAN 2017

2pm HW Swans v Loudwater

4pm Handy Cross v Hazlemere


(QF1) = Qualifier 1 v Qualifier 8 2pm SAT 21st JAN 2017

(QF2) = Qualifier 2 v Qualifier 7 4pm

(QF3) = Qualifier 3 v Qualifier 6 2pm SUN 22nd JAN 2017

(QF4) = Qualifier 4 v Qualifier 5 4pm


(SF1) = Winner QF1 v Winner QF4 SAT 4th FEB 2017 2pm (full game)

(SF2) = Winner QF2 v Winner QF3 SUN 5th FEB 2017 2pm (full game)

FINAL SATURDAY 18th MARCH 2017 @ 2pm (full game)

DRESS GREYS (Including Final)

JUNE 2016







(Unless otherwise stated EIBA match rules apply)

Club Teams - Players in Club Teams do not need to be members of Handy Cross, but must be playing members of their Club.

Handy Cross Team - Handy Cross members who were not playing members of any of the Club Teams during the 2016 outdoor season.

High Wycombe (HW) - A player cannot represent both of the HW teams during the competition.

NB - 'playing members' excludes inactive life members.

1. 3 x Triples in a team, in any combination of gender.

2. In all matches, a team gets 2 points for each winning rink.

3. Matches prior to the semi-finals are 2-hour matches played as per HXIBC league rules. Semi-finals and final are 18 ends with trial ends and played under EIBA match rules.

4. There are 3 Groups, each team playing the other 2 teams once:

Group 1: Chalfont, HW Swans, Loudwater

Group 2: Bassetsbury, HW Chestnuts, Marlow

Group 3: Flackwell, Handy Cross, Hazlemere

5. After the group matches, the 9 teams are sorted into overall position, first by points, and then if points are equal by shot difference.

6. The 9th team is eliminated and the other 8 teams play a knockout starting with quarter finals in which 1st v 8th, 2nd v 7th, etc, adjusted if necessary so that teams from the same original group do not meet in the quarter finals. In the semi-finals, the winner of the QF involving the 1st team from the group stage plays the winner of the QF involving the 4th team from the group stage.

7. After the group matches, if a match is tied on points, the tied rink(s) are decided on ends won. If still tied, they play an extra end.

8. The match fee = £2 per player, including tea and biscuits in semi-finals and final.

9. If a team cancels a match, it loses the match by 6 points to nil with a shot difference of 15 and a cancellation fee of £20. Matches cannot be rearranged.

10. Dress is greys (no ties required) in all matches. White tops or club shirts can be worn. Any colour of footwear is allowed.

11. A team can play provided it has at least 2 players in each triple. In a rink with 3 players v 2 players, Handy Cross league rules apply and the full match fee is payable.

June 2016