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                                  2019  Quiz Night is Now taking place

                                              Friday March 8th , 7.30 pm 

                  All welcome to come along for a fun night, max 6 people per team


                                                      Christmas Dinner  

                                        Saturday December 8th 2018 

                             Good Food                        Good Company 

                                                     7.00pm for 7.30pm start 




                Annual General Meeting  25th November 2018  

    Our Annual General Meeting takes place in our clubhouse on Sunday 25th start time 10.30am, please come along to attend , the agenda is as follows.

    1.   Presidents Welcome 

    2.   Apologies for Absence

    3.   Approval of the Minutes of the 26th November 2017 AGM

    4.   Honorary Secretary's Report

    5.    Honorary Treasure's Report, 

                        (i) Financial Report and Adoption of Accounts

                         (ii) Annual subscription

    6.   Honorary Match Secretary's Report 

    7.   Recommendations and Proposals by retiring Officers

    8.   Vote of Thanks Proposed to Retiring Officers

    9.   Appointment of elections tellers

    10.   Election and appointment of Officers and Committee

                           (i) Management Committee

                a) President

                b) Honorary Secretray 

                c) Honorary Treasurer

                d) Honorary Assistant Secretary  

                e) Honorary Assistant Treasurer 

                f) Club Captain

                g) Vice Captain (Gentlemen)

                h) Vice Captain ( Ladies)

                i) Honorary Competition Secretary

                j) Honorary Match Secretary

                k) Bar Manager

                l) Website Manager

                m) Green Mananger

                n) Two other Voting Members

          (ii) Almoner

     11. Notice of Motion ( if any) 

    Members wishing to raise any other business must do so by " Notice of Members" in writing to the secretary at least 28 days before the AGM with the names of those proposing and seconding the Motion.

    The meeting will be closed and there will be an Open Forum for members to raise any issues or concerns. 




                       Presentation  Evening Friday 23rd November 2018

    This takes place at High Wycombe Cricket Club, 7pm for 7.30pm start. 



                                     T.C.L. Final  2018 

    A great close match between HWBC and Court Park, resulted in a win for HWBC 105-81, 9 points - 3 points and so retained the shield HWBC won last year. 



                                               Vi Trundell Trophy Final    2018                                         

     The final of this Bucks Ladies Competition took place at Stony Straford on Sunday and featured 2 triples from High Wycombe against the host club.

    The players, reserves and a good following of spectators arrived on a blustery but bright day determined to enjoy the occasion and make club history by winning the Trophy for the first time.

    The rinks allocated were nearest to the Wycombe spectators at the quiet end of the green, compared with the noisier and enthusiastic atmosphere of the mens Bucks Cup Final.However the play was just as intense with every shot strongly contested in tricky condition due to the run of the green and the strong wind.

    This was reflected in the scores with most of the ends resulting in low counts and the lead fluctuating with only a few shots separating the teams throughout. The triple of Cynthia Bell, Freda Pryce and Jean Williams had a good finish to come from behind in the last few ends to win by one shot. The other triple of Fran Smith, Nancy Sharp and Jean Reeman held onto a slender lead and went into the last end s ahead, knowing that they had to prevent their o[[osition scoring 3 to level the scores overall and force an extra end. With the last few woods to play Stony Straford were holding 2 shots and then their skip bowled a pefect wood to make it 3. Everyone held their breath as Jean r"s last wood went up on a rather wide line but at the last moment took a lucky wick, shot sideways and took out 2 of the oppositions bowls to leave High Wycombe only 1 down and winners of the TRophy by 2 shots overall.

    The scores were 16-15 and 15-14.

    To round off a very good day we were well looked after by Stony Stratford and treated to a tasty meal and friendly hospitality. We then had quite a tiring journey home,but at least we had won, thanks to the players on the day and Merle Birch and Joyce Fowler who had played in previous rounds to get us that far and who supported us on the day.




                                                           Club Finals 2018

                                  Thursday 6th September 


           10am                                                               2pm

       Centenary Cup                                             Mixed Pairs 

     G. Carvey, J. Fowler, P Perdoni 6                    F. & D Pryce 13

                         V                                                               V

    R. Free, C. Baker, P. Hathaway 20                  J. Williams & R. Free  22


                                                                                                   Champion of  Champions

                                                                                                         B. Broa 6 V  B. Sharp 22


                                                              Club Finals 2018

                                                             Friday 7th September


                10am                                                               2pm 

          101 Singles                                                      Ladies Pairs

      C. Stonnell  101 V I. Smith  73                                   F. Pryce    J. Fowler


                                                                                                                         N. Sharp   J. Williams.


             101 Pairs                                                         Mens Pairs

     G. King , R, Birch   88                                             C. Stonnell  B. Sharp

                        V                                                                              V

      D Pryce  B. Sharp     103                                                                  J. Palmer    J. Newport

                                                                                                                                conceded due to ill health

             Drawn Mixed Triples                                       Aussie Pairs

    M Birch,  R Fountain,  P Hathaway 13                    C. Bell    D. Newton 9

                         V                                                                     V

    J. Williams, C Baker,  P Norman  16                         K. Russell    R. Free 24


                                                                Club Finals  2018 

                                                             Saturday 8th September 

                      10am                                                               2pm 

       Senior Citz Singles                                             Ladies Champ.

    C. Stonnell  21 V G. King 19                             J. Reeman 18 V J. Williams 22


        Stonnell Sets                                                      Mens  Champ

    F. Smith    C. Simmonds   2                              B. Sharp 19  V  C. Stonnell 21


     H. Green   I. Smith


             Ladies 2 Woods                                                Hilda Gibson

    J. Fowler 13 V J. Williams 14                           M Perdoni  21 V K Newton 12


             Silver Jack                                                      Hart Cup

    C. Fowler 16   V  B. Sharp 21                        N. Reynard  21 V J. Philp 14


                                                                                                                    Mens Triples

                                                                                  K. Murphy, M. Heather, C. Fowler 14


                                                                                           D. Newton, G King,  R. Free  23




                                      Ladies Vi Trundell competition

    The High Wycombe ladies Vi TRundell Squad have reached the final of this competition for the first time. In the early stages they topped the group by beating Chess Vale,Chesham and Princes Risborough and drawing with Marlow.This was followed by a dramatic quarter final at home against Gerrards Cross who brought a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters. The result depended on the last end with HW leading the match by 4 shots. Wycombe matched Gerrards Cross bowl for bowl restricting them to 2 shots and giving our ladies victory by 2 shots. The semi final was played against Woburn Sands at Bletchley and produced another close match. Wycombe had a strong 2nd half and won by 7 shots. The final is against Stomey Stratford on their green and is on the Sunday of our club finals weekend, so poses problems for our competition secretary, Nancy.

    The squad that has represented the club is Cynthia Bell, Freda Pryce, Jean Williams, Fran Smith, Nancy Sharp, Merle Birch and Jean Reeman. 


    End of 2018 Season Social Events 

    Your management committee has planned some end of season social events.However, to progress these plans we need members to come forward to help with them. Without your co-operation it is possible they will not happen but we hope there is something here which will have your support.

    1. Barbecue. This has proved popular with members over the past year or two. It will follow the last final of Finals Weekend on Sunday 9th September and will cost £5.00 per ticket. We hope the weather will enable us to eat outdoors.  Tickets are being sold by Chris Baker, and also some assistance is needed with preparing the food on the afternoon.

    2. Presentation Evening. Friday 23rd November, 7.00 for 7.30 pm at High Wycombe Cricket Club. Ticket price £23.00. The menu choices are stout below and you are invited to make your selection and enter it on the board in the veranda at the bowls club. We have a ticket seller and organiser for this event .

    3 Christmas Dinner. Saturday 8th December, 7.00pm at the clubhouse. Ticket price £10. Tickets for this event are being sold by Karen Newton.

    If you believe these events are worthwhile please let Allen Wetherell know how you wish to be involved, as without your commitment they cannot be guaranteed. They offer those who have not completed their meal duties this season the opportunity to make a useful contribution to the clubs progress.

    Thank you for your help and co-operation. 

    Allen Wetherell


                               Social Events - Menus 

                                         Presentation evening 

    Starter;-  Prawn & Crabment cocktail

                               Broccoli & Stilton soup

                               Tomato & Basil bruschetta

    Mains;-      Roast loin of pork

                                Balsamic glazed salmon

                                Sage & onion coated chicken breast

    Dessert;-   Black forest cheesecake

                                 Orange & passion fruit tart

                                  Blackberry & apple pie with custard 


                                                             Christmas Dinner 

    Starter;-     Cream of tomato soup

    Mains   ;-      Roast pork, stuffing ,apple sauce, roast potatoes, vegetables 

    Dessert;-      Sherry rifle 



    Tiby Cup 2018

    Played on a lovely afternoon 14 teams took part, each playing 3 games of 7 ends. 4pts were awarded for a win and 1 pt for a draw. Every team except one scored a point. Only two teams won all three games, they also won the same number of ends, therefore it went to shot difference. The winning team started with Jim Palmer and Hazel Carvey, but finished with Jim and George King, unfortunately Hazel had to withdraw through injury after one game. Runners up were Richard Free and Bob Jackman.

    Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a great event. 

    Competition was run and reported on By John Newport 


     News from The Portugal Tour  April 2018

    This report on the Tour is given by Rob Rowley 

     16th- This year we took a later flight (12.10) arrived at our base camp ( Oasis Village) at about 16.30pm,where we were allocated our apartments and relaxed for the rest of the day until dinnertime.


    17th- We boarded the coach at 9am for Travira our first club. This club was up a dirt track and we thought we were going to play on the side of a hill but what met us was this great club. We played a club from Mayfield. The score was HW 65 Mayfield 55, HWR was P. Perdoni, Rob Rowley, C Baker and N. Renyard.


    18th-Early start 08.30am for the coach to Floesta BC, we played a club called Dot Careless from Cambridge,this was a club with a carpet green, very fast, we had a good game after we got used to it along with the the wind, the score was Cambridge 68 HW 55, we had a HWR M.Rowley,M Stevens ,C Baker and C. Stonell . The meal after was the best we had, it was a hot and cold buffet in an adjacent restaurant.


     19th- Visit to the islands of Formosa by boat. We had a good trip and a lot to see, we stopped at two islands, the first for lunch which was a very good sea food meal. the second stop was a look around, all-in all a very good day out. 


    20th- The day started at 9.00am we took the coach to Valverde BC , we have played this club on very trip we have made to Portugal. The score was Valverde 56, HW52,we had a HWR, R. Rowley, Carol (local team), D. Benn and C Stonell. After the match the ladies went to a new shopping mall at Almancil,men to the bar.


    21st- A day off for some. There was an impromptu  excursion for others to Carroeivo and Alvor,both places would have merited a longer stay,Fresh fish lunches for many in Alvor. All back together for a trip to a Chicken restaurant and a very good night out. Cynthia showed all how to drink the local fire water and Jorge and Louisa gave all a mug to take home.


    22nd- Early start at 08.30 am for the coach to Pedras BC, we played a visiting team The Cardonald Tourers from Scotland, we also played them last year The score finished Cardonald 65 HW 58 we had a HWR R. Rowley, Linda (Cardonald) C. Bell, and C Simmonds .  On a point of interest Chris Stonell won all the games he skipped. That night we all went to a local restaurant for a great meal.


    23rd- The ones staying for 7 days returned home today a day off for the rest .

    24th- Day off to do what you wanted 

    25th-= A trip to Albufeira, a good day was had by all.

    26th- Day off to relax and then to pack.

    27th- Those who stayed the 11 days finally had to return home to the cold and rain.


    (I will upload some of your pictures to the gallery page in a few days.) 

    Sunday 22nd April;-

     Our last game of the tour today, we travelled to Pedras, near the Spainish border, to playCardonald from Glasgow. It was overcast to start with then the sun came, we shared the spoils 2-2 on rinks, but overall lost 58-65. Highest winning rink was Rob Rowley, Linda ( guest ),Cynthia Bell and Chris Simmonds.

    Overall a good tour for the club considering the strength of the teams we were able to put out. Match report submitted by Dan Ayres .


     Friday 20th April ;-

    Our Game today we travelled to Almancil to play at Valverde bowls club. Unlike the two earlier games, this time we played the local club. On an overcast breezy day we won on 2 rinks, drew on  1 and lost on 1. Overall we went down 51-56.

    This was a good performance against players  used to playing on this green. Highest winning rink  was  Rob Rowley, Carol from Valverde , Dorothy Benn and Chris Stonell. WE finish our top on Sunday at Pedras when we play another touring club, Cardonald from Glasgow. Update submitted by Dan Ayres 


    Wednesday 18th April ;-

    Today we played at Floresta, Near Praia Da Liz. The weather was a glorious 26c . We played Dot Carless Tourers from Cambridge, it was 2-2 on rinks but overall we went down 55-68. Highest winning rink was Chris Stonnell, Martin Rowley < Margaret Stevens , and Christine Baker, We all have a day off tomorrow to enjoy our holiday. Match report was submitted by Dan Ayres


     Tuesday 17th April ;-

          Played our first game today in sunny Portugal. We Beat Mayfield Club from Scotland 55-45. It was two rings each, our Highest winning rink was Nigel Reynard, Rob Rowley, Peter Perdoni and Christine Baker, Great start for us.    Match report was submitted by Dan Ayres. 





                                            ** Important Dates for 2018**


    Friday 16th March       ;- Quiz night from 7pm


    Thursday 22nd March ;-  Signing On from 6pm


    Saturday 21st April    ;-  Open Day from 2pm


    Tuesday 24th April       ;-   Open Day from 2pm 


    Thursday 26th April   ;-    Open Day from 6pm 


    Friday 11th May          ;-    Marking Course from 2pm 



































     High Wycombe Bowls Club Finals Pictures  



                                     Can all be viewed on the Gallery Page.                           


                          High Wycombe Bowls Club Finals Weekend

                                                    Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

                            8th,  9th, and 10th September


                   Come and support your fellow club members

          Available for your enjoyment and needs throughout the

                                  Competition sessions.

                   Bacon rolls and refreshments , teas and coffees.


       Celebration Barbecue after the last competition on Sunday 


                                      ** Friday Afternoon Club Finals **   

                                              2.00pm Mens Drawn Triples 

                               Geoff Carvey, Jim Palmer & Peter Perdoni


                               Ray Birch, Nigel Renyard & Rob Rowley

                                              2.00pm  101 Pairs 

                      Dave Pryce & Barry Sharp  Vs  Jean Reeman & Mitch Brown

                                              2.00pm Stonell Sets 

                      George King & Keith Russell  Vs  Ray Fountain & Chris Stonell 


                                      ** Saturday Morning  Club Finals ** 

                                                 10.00am Hart Cup 

                                              Ray Fountain  vs  Nigel Renyard 

                                                 10.00am Mens Pairs 

                      Barry Sharp & Chris Stonell  vs  Iam Smith & Quintin Campbell

                                                 10.00am Drawn Triples 

                                        Merle Birch, Clive Fowler & George King


                                        Ray Birch,Hazel Carvey & Rob Rowley 


                                   ** Saturday Afternoon Club Finals ** 

                                                2.00pm Ladies two Woods 

                                           Jean Reeman  vs  Joyce Fowler

                                                 2.00pm Aussie Pairs 

                 Barry Simmonds & Ray Fountain  vs Dave Pryce & Nigel Reynard

                                                 2.00pm  Senior Singles 

                                           Ian Smith  VS  Chris Stonell

                                                 2.00pm Silver Jack 

                                           Ray Birch  vs  Barry Sharp


                   ** Sunday Morning Club Finals **   

                                                    10.00am Champion of Champions 

                                                 Barry Sharp  vs  Chris Stonell  

                                                    10.00am  101 Shingles 

                                                 Barry Simmonds  vs  Clive Fowler

                                                    10.00am Hilda Gibson 

                                                 Joyce Fowler  vs  Maria Perdoni

                                                    10.00am Centenary Cup 

                               Quintin Campbell,Paul Denham and Rita Wetherell 


                               Allen Wetherell, Hazel Carvey and Ray Fountain 


                                   ** Sunday Afternoon Club Finals **                                   

                                                        2.00pm Mens Championship

                                                      Barry Sharp  vs  Chris Stonell 

                                                       2.00pm Ladies Championship

                                                      Jean Reeman  vs  Chris Simmonds

                                                       2.00pm Ladies Pairs

                   Jean Williams & Chris Baker  vs  Nancy Sharp & Joyce Fowler

                                                       2.00pm Mixed Pairs

                                        Dave & Freda Pryce  vs  Ray & Merle Birch 










                     **  Centenary Cup Result **

    Team 1 ;- Q. Campbell, P Denham and R Wetherell

    Team 2 ;- A Wetherell, H Carvey and R. Fountain 


                   ** Mens Drawn Triple Results **  

     Team 1 ;- Geoff Carvey, Jim Palmer, and Peter Perdoni

    Team 2 ;- Ray Birch, Nigel Reynard and Rob Rowley 


                                   ** High Wycombe Ladies  4's **

    HW ladies Cynthia,Nancy, Jean W. and Jean R. won the Bucks County final of the Ladies 4's against Bletchley. The game was very close throughout and just as HW opened up a small lead on the 16th end they then dropped a 5 but fought back with a 3 and the match ended all square. On the extra end Wycombe had a good start in the gathering darkness and held on to win. After the game Cynthia was awarded her County Badge.

    They p[lay at Leamington on Monday 7th August at 2pm. 


                            **  Green  Closed till 6pm on 11th August**           

                                   Turfcare need to do urgent maintenance on our green 



                                ** Mens drawn Triples Results  ( Game 1 ) **



                              ** Bucks B.A. Ladies pairs **

    Following a 4 shot win in the semi final of the Bucks B.A. Ladies pairs against Over Heath on Thursday, Nancy and Jean R played a pair from Chesham in the final on Saturday. They started off well but lost 6 shots on 2 ends and were 18-6 down after 8 ends. However after some disruption due to the need to put on waterproofs and a change in the green they started to hit back thanks to some good lead bowls from Nancy. At one time the gap was narrowed to 4 shots but unfortunately the ends were running out and Chesham held on to win with Wycombe as runners up. Both pairs will represent Bucks in the National Finals at Leamington with Wycombe playing at 2pm on Wednesday 16th August.

    The 4s team have still to play their final which was rescheduled due to one of the opposition playing for an England Junior team in Ireland. They will also be playing in the National Finials at 2pm on Monday 7th August. 


                      **  Please take note all members **

    The management committee have asked me to give you early warning of the need to have our full playing resources available later in the season and a possible changes to the dates of finials weekend.

    This will depend on the club's success in the Chiltern & Thames League. Currently we lead the table in our section of the league and if we win it we are automatically entered in the knock out stages of the competition. Our quarter finial will be played on either 26th or 27th Augustand this clashes with either Bassetsbury TCL ( Home) or Denham ( Away). Members are asked to be available on these dates.

    If we win through to the semi-final and final they will be played on either 9Th or 10th September and this clashes with the finals weekend. It might be necessary to move from the Friday/Saturday/Sunday to Thursday/Friday/Saturday or Thursday/Friday/Sunday.Members are asked to be flexible when they can play in finals.

    Should we win our section of the Three Counties league, the final will be played at Fassnidge B.C. on 17th September, which clashes with the President vs. Captain end of season event. This may have to be moved or cancelled.

    Your co-operation will be appreciated-----Allen Wetherell 


                                  ** Tibby Cup disappointment **

    The Tibby Cup competition had to be abandoned yesterday due to heavy and persistent rain. While all present enjoyed the cakes ( thanks to those who supplied them) the clubs records will show that in 2017 the competition was not played. 


     ** 2017 Pairs Leaque  Fixtures and Results can be found on**

                                               **The    League  Tables  Page **



     ** Great win for the Ladies 4's **

    The ladies 4's of Cynthia Bell, Nancy Sharp, Jean Williams and Jean Reeman booked their place in the Bucks County Finals and the National Championships at Leamington with a dramatic win over Iver Heath on a difficult green. They won the first 6 ends scoring 1 shot on each and then Iver Heath hit back with a 4 and the score stayed really close throughout the match with the lead alternating. Going into the last end behind, Wycombe scored the 3 they needed to force an extra end. With darkness falling and a brilliant red sunset they held shot until the Iver number 3 took the jack back to gain the advantage. Jean R cleared a way through the front woods with her first bowl and then managed to get through the gap and take the jack into the ditch with her bowl next to it and Wycombe were  through. A great team effort. The team now play Bletchley in the County Finials at Chesham on Saturday morning. ( Not a bad for a rink with a total age of over 300 ).

    Its a busy week for the ladies as Nancy and Jean R play in the semi finals of the pairs on Thursday at Princes Risborough and Jean W in the semi finals of the singles on Friday. 


       ** Pairs league starts on this Tuesday 18th July. **


            ** Well done  Jean Williams **

    Jean Williams won her quarter final against her Burnham opponent in the Bucks BA ladies singles. She will now play in the semi finals on Friday 21st July, 6pm at Chesham. 



     **  Congratulations and Good luck **

    Congratulations and good luck to Jean Williams who is playing in the Bucks BA singles quarter finals. She will be playing an opponent from Burnham at Waddesdon this Wednesday 12th July at 6pm. Lets hope she will join the 4s and pairs from High Wycombe in the semi finials. 




      **  The Green is closed all day on Wednesday 12th**

                                     Maintenance of the green is required 



      ** Well done the Ladies Pairs **

     Nancy Sharp and Jean Reeman have reached the semi-finals of the Bucks B A ladies pairs. They beat Fran Smith and Jean Williams in the 1 st round and then a pair from Chesham. Yesterday they travelled to Bletchley and had a hard fought win on a very difficult green over Aston Clinton by 24 shots to 17. They now play Iver Heath at at Princes Risborough on Thursday  29th July at 6pm                        



                              ** Well done the Ladies 4s**

     Our ladies, Cynthia,Nancy Jean W and Jean R had a good win against Waddesdon in the Bucks Bowls Association quarter finials of the ladies 4s.

    They started well and always stayed ahead boosted by scoring 7 shots on one end about halfway through.They then held onto a good lead and prevented the opposition from scoring any large numbers eventually winning by 25 shots to 12.They now play in the semi finials against Over Heath at 6pm on Mon 17th July at Waddesdon.


     On Sunday10th June a ladies 4 from HWBC  are playing at Chesham in the Bucks Bowls  Association quarter finials against a team from Waddesdon.

    The rink is Cynthia Bell, Nancy Sharp, Head Williams and Jean Reeman who beat Fran Smith,Hazel Carvey, Chris Simmons and Merle Birch in the divisional round after a very close match which was decided on the last end by 2 shots.


    On Tuesday June 6th June in spite of the awful weather, the annual Wycombe Wanders ex Players Bowls Day was held successfully. This was due to the wonderful efforts and organisation od Barry and Chris Simmonds, Ray and Merle Birch and many helpers. Due to the wet conditions the bowling took place indoors at Handy Cross which meant that sets of bowls had to be transported to and from Handy Cross as well as preparing and serving a meal at our club, providing waffle prizes and manning the bar.This provides valuable income for the club and is much appreciated and enjoyed by the players. Many thanks again to all who helped during this very long day. 


      Our competition secretary, Ray Birch, has asked me to let you know that the dates for completing rounds of ALL the PAIRS competitions has been extended by a week. This is to help some members who have encounter problems in trying to fit matches in the allocated time. Please have a look on the competition board at the club or check on the web site to find out the revised " PLAY BY " dates.