What we get up to away from the green !

                   ** B.B.Q. Night Sunday 10th After the last final **        


                                                           ** Portugal Trip 2017** 

               April 18th ;- We arrived at our base camp (OASIS), we were allocated our apartments and relaxed for the rest of the day.Some of the group went into Vilamoura straight away to have some lunch after our very early start.


               April 19th;- We boarded the coach at 9am for Tavira our first club visit.The club was up a dirt track and we thought we were going to play on the side of a hill, but what met us was this great club.WE were made most welcome and the food was excellent.The score was High Wycombe 63 Tavira 100,we had no winning rings.


            April 20th;-Day out, with an early start at 8.30am with 3 hours trip each way trip to the town of Alvor.An official guide took us around and this most interesting place included a ghoulish chapel built with many hundreds of human skull and thigh bones.


            April 21st;-The coach collected us at 9.30am for Valverde B.C.We had a much better day, the score was Valverde 99 High Wycombe 74 ,we had a highest winning rink this time,Dan Ayres,Rob Rowley,Chris Baker and Chris Stonell.Once again we were made most welcome and the food was very good.


            April 22nd;- The day started at 9am,we took the coach tp Pedras B.C.only to find out that we had to play another visiting team ,The Cardonald Tourers from Scotland ,we were welcomed with a song from them, the score was Cardonald 86 High Wycombe 81,we had a highest winning rink,Peter Perdoni,Rob Rowley and Ray Birch.


            April 23rd;-A day off for some.There was an impromptu excursion for others, going to Carroeivo and Alvor. Both places merited a longer stay.Fresh fish lunches for many in Alvor.


            April 24th;-Early start 8.30am for the coach to Floresta B.C. this was a club with a carpet green, very fast, we had a good game after we got used to the fast conditions, the final score was Floresta 82 High Wycombe 63,we had a HWR Maria Perdoni, Allen Wetherell, Dorothy Benn and Chris Stonell.The meal was the best we had, it was a buffet in an adjacent restaurant.


            April 25th;-The unlucky ones staying for 7 days had to return home today, the remaining had a day off to enjoy a bit of rest.


            April 26th;- The coach arrived at 9.30am to take us to the Balaia B.C. for our four rink game.We lost the match overall but enjoyed a happy morning followed by a friendly lunch in the clubs golf course restaurant.


            April 27th;- a free day to enjoy.


               April 28th;- The end of our tour, those staying 10 days finally had to return home.

Everyone enjoyed this tripp which was very successful due to the hard work and organisational skills of Kate King. Thank you for making this such a great holiday. (regarding the karaoke-don't call us, we'll call you). 

         This report on the 2017 trip was submitted by Rob Rowley. .


             ** Friday 24th February 2017 Quiz night number 2**

       A good night was enjoyed by all those who came along to test    

             their knowledge against Question master Ray, a big Thanks 

               to all those involved, food preparation, Bar , Question

               Master, but mainly those taking part in the quiz.


        **  Friday 27th January 2017 Talk by Peter Perdoni**


     A very interesting talk on Windsor chairs was given by Peter, an open initiation to visit the Wycombe museum (fee entry) was also extended. Peter would love to see you there !!!    























   Friday 4th November,  Talk and slide show by Mike Dewey




 Friday 28 th October,  Fun and Games on our first "Pub Night"